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Hawaii Style Living 2

Surfing and spearfishing in Hawaii. Shooting uku, moana kali, tako and more. And just living the Hawaii style! Appearances by: Dane Pagud, Chase Roberts, Ty Miyashia

B-Day Shout Outs I’m going to Hawaii

It was my friend Matt’s birthday on June 27th and it happened to be vinvlog’s birthday on June 26th so I decided to make a quick video for the both of them. And I will be visiting the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I cannot wait to relax and take a break from everything. The only downfall is I won’t be around computers too often during the trip. Thanks for watching the video! CHECK OUT VINVLOG’S CHANNEL: tinyurl.com And check out “Slap Vlog” a hilarious video vinvlog made where he lets people slap him in the face AS HARD AS THEY CAN! Link: tinyurl.com

Hawaii Day 3

Exploring Maui, Exotic Hawaiian Chant, and Hula Dancing Time difference between Indiana and Hawaii is 6 hours, not 5 like I say. Also, the day was Sunday – not sure why I said it was Tuesday

Hawaii Kaka’ako Park Day 12

We found where we wanted to go. The voice part of the phone wasn’t any help but typing it in was helpful. My grandfather knew where to go anyways. If you liked this vid thumbs it up, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed. I was going to edit this using the trim on youtube but it only cuts the beginning and end of vids. I couldn’t cut the middle like I wanted to. I also didn’t want to try to do this on my cam and reupload it because that would take to long.

Camping Trip Gone Right! – Hawaiian Adventure

Camping On The Beach – Day 1 Vlog – Swimming with Sea Turtles, Dolphins, NEMO, Puffer fish & MORE! **Please Subscribe** Stay Tuned for DAY 2