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Hapuna Beach Hawaii Heavy Surf

A mash up of small clips of me in the water at Hapuna Beach Hawaii in the surf. Body surfing/boogie boarding big waves.

Farvel Honolulu. Eddie Russell med Samoa Hawaiiorkester. Copenhagen 1944..wmv

Farvel Honolulu. (Good Bye Honolulu). Musik & Text: Eddie Russell. Samoa Hawaiiorkester. Sang: Eddie Russell. TONO SP 4381-1 Recorded 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe. Samoa Hawaiiorkester, one of the very popular Danish orchestras in 1940’ies. Eddie Russell (1908-86), one of the very popular Danish singers, guitarists, composers and song writers between late 1930’ies to mid 1970’ies. Farvel Honolulu was one of Eddie Russell’s most beloved recordings, and too the melody was one of the most popular Danish dance melodies during WW2. Hawaii music was very popular in Denmark during 1930-40’ies.

JP Team at the PWA World Cup Klitmøller 2010

KIA COLD HAWAII PWA WOLRD CUP in Klitmøller. Kauli Seadi wins this first wave event PWA in Denmark, and also the 2nd Super Session. Ricardo Campello finishes 3rd in the wave event and wins the first Super Session. The best result imaginable. Here are the highlights of the action from the JP team with Kauli Seadi BRA-253, Antoine Albeau F-192, Ricardo Campello V-111, Robby Swift K-89, Antxon Otaegui E-169, Phil Horrocks K-303