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Baldwin Home Museum – Maui Hawaii Activity Review

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Making Waves: Sea of Darkness Panel Discussion

Making Waves: A History of Modern Surfing and the Clash of Cultures Sea of Darkness Panel Discussion Sunday, June 3, 2012 Fowler Museum University of California, Los Angeles Rarely screened Sea of Darkness (directed by Michael Oblowitz and produced with Martin Daly and Rob Taylor) is a dark tale about a group of surfers who blazed a trail of adventure, self-discovery, mysticism and drug-running throughout Bali, Java and other, more remote parts of Indonesia, ultimately opening up this part of the Pacific to the global expansion of the surf industry. Convener: David Theo Goldberg, director of the University of California Humanities Research Institute. Panelists: JERICHO POPPLER, the 1970 United States Surfing Champion and founder of the Women’s International Surfing Association. PAUL HOLMES, former editor of Surfer Magazine and Tracks Magazine, and author of numerous notable books about surfers and surfing. JIM KEMPTON, executive director of the San Onofre Foundation, former editor and publisher of Surfer Magazine, and director of Quicksilver Crossing. GREG ESCALANTE, co-founder and curator of Juxtapoz Art & Culture magazine. TOM POHAKU STONE, a legendary native Hawaiian surfer and waterman credited with single handedly revitalizing the sport of he’e holua (Hawaiian sledding), a centuries old extreme sport. RORY RUSSELL, two-time winner of the Pipeline Masters and owner of the Rory Russell Surf School in Hawaii.

What is it about Geology and Volcanos that fascinate you?” I asked Rick b4 embarking…

Brief interview by David Lakota for da Kingdom of a Geologist preparing to embark upon an adventure out to the live lava fields near Kalapana. Rivulets of fire have begun to flow and pout down the mountainside- “…the largest active volcano in the world.” they say. Special thanks to 1st Green Solutions for sponsoring this adventure vision quest Native American style with Hawaiian Spirit of Aloha Educational Documentary Training Paradigm shift in self governing new economy agriculture National Treasury Freedom Revolution innovation new society sustainability renewable resources having fun doin’ what we love. Enjoy the journey. This is part one of several highlights soon to be on DVD. Stay tuned for updates. We are leaving tonight at around 2am. Destined for a small forest along the coast, we will rendezvous at Bali Temple Hawaii, do a brief ceremony, give thanks to Ke Akua and share our intentions with Pele, Goddess of Fire. And then there is Ahi, God of Fire.

1940’s and 1950’s Project

A bunch of high school students attempting to create an accurate deception of some of the major events that occurred during the 40’s and 50’s. Events: -Pearl Harbor – Rationing – Feminism – WWII Battle – Manhattan Project – NATO – Cars and Manufacturing – Television – Korean War – Duck and Cover – Brown V Board of Education – Rosa Parks – Polio Vaccine – Alaska and Hawaii

Waikiki Weed

WTH? I was walking down the sidewalk in Waikiki and couldn’t believe what I was looking at!…. OMG!……Well…on a more positive note…If you love to travel and sample the local brand? You may want to consider Waikiki. Looks like you can hook with some Maui Wowee pretty easy over here. Cheers! Filmed on the Island of Oahu, State of Hawaii. Created on March 3, 2012.