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Kanye West – Mercy ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz Official Music Video [Hunter Remix]

Download this song here: www.reverbnation.com LYRICS: No lamborghini mercy, see me ride up in a scooter/ I’m swaggin up inside your neighborhood, and I’m swaggin on the computer/ A lyrical inovater, and yet I need a tutor/ Just ask my teachers, with these D’s I should work at Hooters/ Who you calling a loser? My mind’s sharp as the tip of a dart/ My nickname’s Kevin ’cause you know that I always spit it with Hart/ This is the art, that will set me apart, from everyone that tries me/ Because no one is close to me, I feel like Hawaii/ This beat said “Ride me” I replied, “I’m only fourteen”/ But I couldn’t leave it hanging like a porch swing/ So I dug into my genius and I wrote some lyrics/ And here I ended up, spitting them for the world to hear it/ I’m flyer than the fox in Sonic with it’s spinning tails/ Stay fresh, this cracker’s never going stale/ Make it hail, make it lighting ’cause I ball more than eye drops/ You don’t have to be a geologist to see that I rock/ Tell Simba that I’m coming for my rightful spot on Pride Rock/ Forget COD, I’m leader of the white ops/ I rhyme hot and I got the force, the microphone’s my lightsaber/ I’m growing a deeper buzz, than a vibrator/ More agile than iceskaters with the words that I be thinking of/ Never ending knowledge, walking encyclopedia/ Rhyming for the media, I’m destined to go mainstream/ Give me any beat, I’m more versatile than the A Team/ Aim so amazing, I’m more precise than HawkEye/ You’re more useless than those Grand