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Ibanez Cocobolo EW Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Review By Scott Grove

In a selection of tonewoods with the Ibanez UK300T preamp system. The EW Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele from Ibanez is a sweet-toned, nylon-stringed instrument in a choice of luxurious tonewoods and built to stand the test of time. Built on the concert-style platform and size, the EW comes in 3 tonewood flavors: Cocobolo top, back, and sides – cocobolo is a true rosewood and produces tones with excellent power and sustain. Koa top, back, and sides – koa is beautifully grained wood and produces a very bright sound with perhaps less volume than spruce. Spruce top, mahogany back and sides – spruce is the most common wood in guitar tops and, combined with mahogany, produces a bright, punchy tone. The EW ukulele has a rosewood bridge and fretboard that help improve sustain. The chrome Grover open-gear tuners offer precision tuning and keep the ukulele in key. Dressed in a natural low-gloss finish, and featuring a desirable abalone rosette around the soundhole, the concert uke’s natural beauty shimmers through, making it a 4-string of sweet looks and tone, no matter which one you choose. Ibanez UK300T Preamp The EW Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele is equipped with the UK-300T ukulele preamp, featuring a 2-band EQ for adjusting bass and treble. The preamp also includes a built-in onboard tuner to ensure stable performance every time you hit the stage. The ukulele originated in 19th-century Hawaii. It gained great popularity in the US during the early 20th century, and from

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