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Challenge 2: Touchdown

Follow Cédric’s journey and give him some likes on www.facebook.com Cédric needs to get to Like Place. A little place in Hawaii. But he has to earn his travel budget by facebook likes. For every like on his timeline AXA Bank puts 1$ on his maxi prepaid card. Along the way he has to complete 7 challenges.

Social Media in Hawaii

twitter.com & twitter.com – My experience in Hawaii this time, as compared to last, is night and day in how I came away from it. This time, I went there with an open mind, ready to jump into the social culture, wanting to make connections and meet new friends. I was overwhelmed, to say the least. The people I met were awesome, very conscious of the impact that social networking has on the World. Many of them, like Ryan, immerse themselves in social media on a daily basis. geeks.pirillo.com – http

SpeakingPhoto Sample – Hawaii

SpeakingPhoto is a mobile application that lets you shoot photos, add your own sound, then instantly share with family and friends on Facebook, YouTube or with email. After taking a photo, record your own voice or capture the background audio. With SpeakingPhoto, your photographs come to life! You don’t need special software to experience a speaking photo, just shoot, speak and share with everyone! Join up to five speaking photos together to tell the complete story! You can also add sound to any of your existing photos, turning your entire photo library into a story telling experience! Download from the iTunes App Store now! itunes.apple.com Learn more at speakingphoto.com

Ickest – My Star My Light ft. Shawn G

FREE DOWNLOAD www.mediafire.com (also on soundclick.com/ickest) STALK SHAWN G….. shawnasaurus.tumblr.com http twitter.com www.facebook.com stalk iCKEST www.facebook.com www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.ICKEST.tumblr.com when we first met i couldn’t believe it you are everything i could ever ask as for i didn’t really have a type neither realize a clue on what love feels like being in love so far so fine especially with you i can’t decline how great you are to me baby stay with me you are my every thing ooh *when the moon is shining bright and the sun decides to hide the stars above will be my guide to find you by my side like the north star up high i’ll just follow through the night to my home it will guide which is you, my star, my light you are my wish come true its all the little things you do supporting me as much you can like a number one fan even when i’m not feeling my best yes always on my mind all the time i’m all about you day and night cause you feel the same baby its the way you love me makes me love you too tags: ickest MY STAR MY LIGHT bigego strange mirth pipito pipit pinoy oh sha class project idol american aj rafael joey diamond speaks tumblr facebook myspace lovetry 2011 google funny music philippines aj raphael joey diamond and jeff bernat is awesome shawnasaur is super amazing shawn garcia my star light 808 hawaii woof meow yes i can totally woof and meow you mad?