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Microsoft Flight is it any good

Microsoft Flight just got released today and i made this video to show if you have not got it yet My opinion below I like it really but its not as better than fs9 or fsx but what i don’t like is that you are only on one island in Hawaii (I do know Microsoft is making the world later on) and you only have 2 aircraft to fly (You can buy 2 more with Microsoft points But what made me happy about this is that its FREE to download so go and get it and comment below if you like it or hate it

Watch Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 20

Full Episode : watchfreetv.url-go.com Air Date: 4/9/2012 Summary:Max believes that a serial killer who has ties to his past and is known as the Trashman is responsible for a recent murder. To convince Five-0 that his theory is correct, Max reveals some surprising information about his childhood. Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 20 – Haalele (Abandoned) Hawaii Five-0 ,Season 2,Episode 20,Haalele (Abandoned) ,Hawaii Five-0 Haalele (Abandoned) ,sneak peak,Hawaii Five-0 S2E20,2011,Hawaii Five-0 2X20,part 5,Hawaii Five-0 SE2X20,S2E20,2,20,2X20,S2X20,SE2E20,Ep20,SE2,part 2,part 3,watch online,season episode,tv guide,online,preview,primere,full,episode,season,tv shows,tv series,hd,series,free,hq,show,watch,part 1,guide,part 4 Hawaii Five-0, season, episode, s2, e20, s2e20, 2×20, 220, HQ, premiere, full, TOP, series, trailer, new, promo, favourite, TV special