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Gangnam Style: Hawaii Cosplay Music Video

I do not make any money by using this music. Use of the music is for entertainment purposes only. WATCH IN HD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than my “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” Lip dub I haven’t done any “funny” videos. Especially anything this current. So this is my attempt. I loved the video and song when it came out, in a “omg” this is silly, kinda way. So did my group of friends, so we put this together in a matter of days. We all just started school on Monday so, we had to do it quick. We tried to stick as close to the video as possible, but I don’t have access to a stable and an industrial sized fan with random debris. BUT! We do have the trade winds, and flour. muahahahaha! Anyway…..This was LOADS of fun to shoot. We ran out of day light towards the end of shooting, so I’m sorry about the lighting in some of the shots. Also, I have never done special effects before….especially with MOVING frames. I could have spent WAY more time on the masking, but I am very busy with school, and I really wanted to get the video out. 😀 So I’m sorry for my terrible special effects. I tried. lol Either way enjoy our stupidness!!!! We loved it!

1940’s and 1950’s Project

A bunch of high school students attempting to create an accurate deception of some of the major events that occurred during the 40’s and 50’s. Events: -Pearl Harbor – Rationing – Feminism – WWII Battle – Manhattan Project – NATO – Cars and Manufacturing – Television – Korean War – Duck and Cover – Brown V Board of Education – Rosa Parks – Polio Vaccine – Alaska and Hawaii

Battleship Missouri

Commissioned in June 1944, the USS Missouri Battleship participated as an active military ship until the year 1995. Today, the ship has become a battleship museum and is located at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Visitors travel daily to tour its decks and see where the Japanese signed the surrender documents putting a much needed end to WWII.