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Underwater Gopro vs Eyeofmine Aquarium Waterproof housing test Blue Jack Dempsey

Testing out my Gopro in my fish tank against an Eyeofmine standard flat lens waterproof housing. Im going to Kauai, Hawaii this summer and will be doing a lot of snorkeling and wanted to take my Gopro for capturing fish underwater while I snorkel. Eyeofmine housing is my choice and it tested out great with my 55g Fish tank of Electric Blue Jack Dempsey cichlids and other freshwater community fish. Gopro Hero 2 1080p Medium 127 degree view settings.

Snorkeling with Black Trigger Fish

Snorkeling with Black Trigger Fish (Melichthys niger) in Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii, the site of the Captain Cook monument. The ones beneath me would turn up on their sides to look up at the kook with the camera. We went with Fair Wind cruises, really nice outfit. If I ever get back there, I’d like to try there night snorkeling with the manta rays. Recorded on September 14, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Camping Trip Gone Right! – Hawaiian Adventure

Camping On The Beach – Day 1 Vlog – Swimming with Sea Turtles, Dolphins, NEMO, Puffer fish & MORE! **Please Subscribe** Stay Tuned for DAY 2

SPORTING-SAILS – Lost & Found GoPro Camera Surfing

www.sporting-sails.com – Nick Smith surfs one of his favorite reef slabs on the Big Island of Hawaii, while testing his new Go Pro camera. After catching some fun waves, he gets barreled and wipes out. As a result, the mount of the Go Pro fell off the board and sank to the ocean floor. He kept surfing for 30 minutes, paddling around the reef in search for the Go Pro. Looking down to the shallow depths below, he discovers the Go Pro lodged in a rock and recovers some great footage of underwater life full of waves and wonder. Lost and found never felt so good! Film by Nick Smith Edit by Billy Smith Music by The Velvetones All Rights Reserved 2011 Sukrafte, LLC