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The Elvis Presley Statue in Hawaii

Narox the Silent Hawaiian visits the life sized 1100 pound detailed bronze sculpture of Elvis Presley at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu Hawaii. The music icon is depicted atop a pedestal, commemorating his 1973 Aloha From Hawaii concert. It was the World’s First Satellite TV Concert and it was a major television milestone broadcasted live globally to over a billion people in over 30 countries. The statue was donated by TV Land. There are 6 TV Land Landmark statues in the US: Bob Newhart in Chicago Mary Tyler Moore in Minneapolis Ralph Kramden in NY Bewitched in Salem Mass Andy Griffith in Raleigh and the Elvis Presley statue in Honolulu

BUTTERFLY, Hawaii, Mexico Fans, THE HYDE 12/28/2011

Waddap L’Arc~en~Ciel fans! Quick updates: New Album BUTTERFLY February 8th, 2012 New York Date Change Sunday. March 25th now. Mark your calendars!! Hawaii added! May 31st Special Live for LE-Ciel Members June 1st Mexico Fans making themselves known! THE HYDE hyde’s small autobiography January 29th, 2012 Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com

Hawaiian ✿ Flower Nails

~*~*~*~*READ BELOW~*~*~*~*~ Hi Everyone! :] I am going to start doing more and more nail tutorials :] Since its summer time, I wanted to do a nail design inspired by summer and whenever I think of summer, I think of beaches and when I think of beaches , I think of Hawaii. Sooo, when I thought of Hawaii, I thought of Hawaiian flowers, which I have drawn on my thumbs :] You can use any colors for the background and flower, but I just felt like L’Oreal Paris’s nail polish in Ocean Breeze was a perfect blue color to use because it reminded me of the water in the beach and the white to use as the flower, because it’s really simple and pretty. I was originally going to use a stencil that came with the Kiss’s nail artist paint, but since the stencil was not sturdy, it broke. So, one of my friends at work, showed me how to draw a flower , so I decided to share it with you guys! :] I hope you like this tutorial as much as I do! You can make a smaller flower on the rest of your fingers by using the same technique, but you would need to make smaller petals, have a steady hand and patience. ✿Products used: ☑ L’oreal Paris nail polish in Ocean Breeze ☑ L’oreal Paris clear top coat ☑ Kiss Nail Art paint in White and Glitter ☑ Toothpick ♫Song by Animal Collective, Bluish♫ ♥Check out my blog! fashionpls.blogspot.com ♥Check out my lookbook! :] Hype if you like my outfit! lookbook.nu SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE (:!

blue hawaii tropical flower nails by robin moses rainbow nail art design tutorial 620

(found in the flowers playlist) here is a floral design that is easy to do and i go through step by step to help new techs learn flowers for spring. 🙂 i also show how to choose a striping brush in this tutorial and why. all answers to questions asked below blue polish found at misspn.com (most asked questions LINK) robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com (most asked questions in video LINK) www.youtube.com www.facebook.com robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com twitter.com robinmosesnailart.tumblr.com pinterest.com AND GIRLS WHO ARE NEW TO ME!!!—-BECOME MY FAN HERE (it takes only seconds.it is so important to me) nailartgallery.nailsmag.com