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Nature Discover 3 : Hawaii Beaches Oumalek Mohamed Records

Oumalek Mohamed Production. HD Nature Discover 3 The Best Of Nature. www.facebook.com

Fly Fishing in Hawaii

www.paypal.com organization looking to bless people with the gift of fly fishing. We exist to support, encourage, honor, and thank the youth and adults of our local community. values relationships and community — it is our mission to create an environment where positively impacting relationships are created or strengthened. Whether parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, teacher and student, or mentor , we want to bring people together and lift them up through fly fishing.Through a collection of generous, caring, and exceptional fly fishing guides and volunteers we are able to give free outdoor experiences on the water to the youth,disabled and the poor in Hawaii.love connecting with people and sharing their knowledge of fly fishing. Our desire is to empower these youth to make fly fishing a sport they can do on their own. Several times a year we offer fly fishing events that do just that. We provide our veterans with free rods, reels, lines, flies, and fly tying kits in hopes that one day fly fishing will become a healthy hobby they come to love. When you love something, the best response is to give it away, to make it grow. So our desire is to give others something to look forward to, something to enjoy, something to look back on, something that will positively impact their lives. Please donate Reels,fly rods,vises,fly tying material,and hooks.my email address is ([email protected] You and God Bless

#HMStudioz Presents: DunkXChange Hawaii 2012

Shoutout to Academy of Hype for making an appearance! You guys are dope! Kudos to Josh Ulep, Mikey da Bboy and AJ AKA Da Headache! This exhibition had some interesting kicks. There was another Hawaiin rapper but sadly my camera messed up and didn’t record right. He was passionate tho. More vids comin soon. Dis just the beginning. You already kno!!! #PRRRRRRRRRRRR Wanna see the performances? Academy of Hype solos 07:55 Da Landlord 10:00 More of Academy of Hype inlcuding myself 11:10 Academy of Hype performance 13:25