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This Time – Short Film

“This Time” is a short film written by Reagan Gomez-Preston and directed by Matthew A. Cherry. It stars Reagan Gomez, Michael Moss, Terri J. Vaugn, and Sinorice Moss. This Time deals with the realities that many people have to face when a loved one returns home from war and everything has changed. Film Festival Official Selections: Rincon International Film Festival, Boston international Film Festival, GI Film Festival, San Fransico Black Film Festival, Martha Vineyard African American Film Festival, Roxbury Interational Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, Miami Short Film Festival. This film is dedicated to the men and women who have given their lives to protect our country. And their family members with whom their memory lives on. Director: Matthew Cherry Written By: Reagan Gomez Executive Producer: Liberty Madison, Sinorice Moss, Quetaya Scott Producers: Enitan Bereola, , Portia Jenkins, Shauna Faith-Graham Director Of Photography: Zubari Duniani Edited By: Reginald Harrison Production Company: Cherry Entertainment in association with Liberty Madison Productions and Supremacy Films www.themoviethistime.com Visit http to make a donation. www.imdb.com

New Storiesss 2011

hey youtubers im so glad to be back on youtube havent been on in a while lol so ima be wirting two stories one of them is a nemi/jelena story the other one is a real life relationship there both pretty exciting one of them is real the other one is false here is a preview of the twoo stories the nemi/jelena one …………………………………………. nick,demi,selena and justin go to hawaii for the summer over there jelena try to get marry nemi want to get together and if things go well the four of them move to paris but if nothing goes right then demi and selena go back to texas justin back to canada and nick back to new jersey………………. wanna know more? vote for this story now the real life relationship ……………………………………………………………………. me and helen both liked the same guy she dated him first and it didnt out well, now im dating him and every thing is perfect , but how did i meet tomas ( the guy) and started going out with him well its a long story but if you wanna know more vote for this one 🙂 …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… and those are the storys well hope you pick 1 or both and ill get on real soon lol

Justlena bodyguard episode 12

Hey, there will be a little change in the story. Justin, Selena, and Justins family are staying at there hause in Hawaii ( www.buildwish.com ) . Not in a hotel. Sorry for that. Later that night JustinsPOV The campfire was fun, I talked to my family, I haven’t seen them for a long time, we were eating, singing. What am I talking about, I had a great time cause Selena was always with me. We stayed there almost all night, and Selena was in my arms all the time. End POV SelenaPOV When we got back from the campfire I went straight to bed, I just wanted to sleep. But when I got to bed my eyes were always open. Great, I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about everything: home, friends, chocolate, shoes, Justin, food. Wait?!? I was thinking about Justin? Weird. I don’t like him, o maybe I do. I cant fall for his chocolate eyes, nice hair, killer smile, perfect personality. What am I saying? Maybe im sick, or just tired. I cant like him? Or can I? why am I arguing with myself? I have to stop. End POV Next day Justin: (walks into Selenas room) Selena: (sleeping) Justin: Selena, wake up. Selena: (wakes up) what are you doing here this early??? Justin: its 2 pm Selena: this early?? Where is everyone? Justin: they went hiking. Selena: and why we are here? Justin: I told them that you are sleeping and that I will stay home and be with you. Selena: okay look- Justin: I kinda forgot one thing? Selena: what? Justin: there are cameras in the hause, so you have to pretend 24/7. Selena: (joking

Kismet – Chapter 33

I don’t have another Blue Blood written yet so I’m posting this instead. I’ll try and get Blue Blood up later today though. ———————————————————————- Selena’s Point Of View I opened my eyes and stared at the tiny pink plus sign. I slid down the wall and stared at the test in my hands. Tears sprung to my eyes and I tried to remember to breath. I heard a knock at the door and looked up. “Selena are you okay in there?” Demi asked through the door. “I’m fine.” I said in response but my voice broke and gave away my true feelings. “Sel open the door.” Em said and I reached up to unlock the door. It opened quickly and Demi and Emily walked in and sat next to me on the floor. “So it’s positive?” Demi asked. I nodded and let my tears run free. “It will work out Selena. I know it will.” Emily smiled at me but I wasn’t sure if what she said was true. How was I going to tell Logan? My breath got caught in my throat and I began to panic. “Breath Sel.” Demi said. “Take a deep breath.” I did as she said and began to breathe a bit more normal. I still felt as if this was all a horrible nightmare and I would wake up any second. “I should go find Logan.” I said quietly and stood up. “I’ll see you two later.” I told them before walking out of their room and back to my own. Inside Nick Joe and Taylor were watching TV so I ignored them and walked into the room I was sharing with Logan. “Hey babe, where have you been?” he asked walking over to me

Jelena Forever a Justin and Selena Story Ep 1 IN DESCRIPTION

Hey so im making a new story about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! Justins POV: My mother came in and woke me up saying she would be out of town for a month for buisness. Shes always out of town going to random states or countries.End of POV. Justin:Where will you be going this time? JB m:Im going to Hawaii to discuss more buisness things.*sighs* Justin: Can you at least bring me and Selena something back?*does puppy dog eyes* Jb m: Fine I guess so.Lets go eats some breakfast! With Selena. Selena:So Demi wanna go to the mall?ps its summer Demi: Heck ya! maybe we should go to the starbucks there. I heard that Joe Jonas will be signing things there!*does happy dance* Selena:You have a crush on him, dont you! Demi: Well duh cant you see my walls are coverd in his posters? Selena:Right…..Hey can I invite Justin too? He knows Joe. Demi:YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!*does happy dance* Selena: *laughs* Texts Justin, Hey wanna go to the mall with me and demz?Justins text:Sure babe i will pick you guys up in 30 minutes. Sel:ok justins coming in 30 Demi:Ok! What do you guys think? what will happen at the mall?Will Demi Get to Meet Joe? Find out on Jelena Forever a Justin and Selena Story Ep 2!

I Found You- A Justin Bieber & You love story Episode 56

I Found You- Episode 56 A doctor came in. Doctor: So, (your name), do you feel alright? You: Yeah, my arm just hurts A LOT. Doctor: Yeah, it will hurt for a while. It should heal in 6 weeks. You: Wow, that’s a long time. Doctor: Yeah it is, just be careful. Justin: Is she staying here? Doctor: *chuckles* No, you two can leave when you’re ready! Justin: Okay. Are you ready to go, (your name)? You: Yeah. You and Justin leave the hospital. (Selena was with you guys, she was just really quiet). You: *pick up your phone and call your mom* You talked to your mom about what happened. She freaked out at first, but you calmed down. By the time you got home, there were policemen at Connor’s house. You: Did you call the police? Justin: No, but I was going to. You went inside your house. Your mom: HEY!!! Thank God you’re okay!! You: Yeah, did you call the c- Your mom: Yes! That jerk deserves to be in jail. You: Oh, well I’m going to pack my stuff, okay? Justin: I’ll help. *follows you upstairs* You start packing some of your stuff. Justin helped. After 20 minutes, you two were done. You were laying on your bed. You were exhausted. Justin: It hurts to see you like this, are you sure you’re fine? You: Yeah, I’m fine Justin. Justin: Okay. Justin stared at you. You didn’t notice at first. You looked up at him, and he kissed you gently, trying not to lean on your broken arm (your right arm was broken and he was on your right side). You kissed back. It turned into a make out session. 2

Justin Bieber Kissing Selena Gomez at Billboard Music Awards

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez surprise viewers with a kiss during the Billboard Music Awards. Link to actual video: bit.ly ************************************* FACEBOOK PAGE: www.facebook.com GOOGLE+ : plus.google.com TWITTER: twitter.com MAIN CHANNEL: www.youtube.com Xtra Tags: justin bieber 2011 selena gomez jelena kissing mauii hawaii holding hands couple cute ocean beach selena gomez justin bieber jelena billboard music awards 2011 cute couple who says baby never say never kissing, hugging, holding hands, having fun

Someone Wake Me Up -A Semi Love Story- Episode 111

-Continued…- Selena: *Sees Demi run past, hands something to Joe who was there for Demi and runs after her* DEMI! Wait! Demi: *Hears her and runs even faster up a flight of stairs until she gets to the roof; goes to the ledge and looks down* Selena: *Out of breath* No! Don’t you dare, Demi! Demi: Like you care. Selena: I do and I always will! I’ve been trying to pluck up the nerve to call you for the last ten months but I was scared! *Tears up* I know I hurt you, but I never meant for this to happen. Demi: I never meant for us to happen either, yet that happened! I thought you were perfect for me since as we’d known each other for years and you knew every little detail about me, but it turns out to be the biggest mistake of my life! *Crying now too* Selena: We were a mistake to you? Well, too bad that I think us happening was the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you so much Demi! Nobody will ever love you as much as I do. Demi: I can’t hate you or think that you hurt me anymore… I’ve tried to hate you for months but I can’t! Every part of me is still yours and if this is how I have to get over you, then so be it! *Takes a step closer to the edge* Selena: *Panicking as she gets closer; thinking of ways to stop her* OHANA! Demi: *Stops dead in her tracks* You remember Ohana? (I can’t spell it but it’s Hawaiian) Selena: How could I forget? We pretty much begged our parents to let us go to Hawaii like a family and after months of constant begging we gotta go