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Paul Abraham and his Orchestra : Viktoria und Ihr Husar !

A long playing medley from the Operetta “Viktoria und Ihr Husar” – (“Viktoria and her Hussar”) Music : Paul Abraham – (Lyrics : A. Grünwald – Dr. Fr. Löhner-Beda) Paul Abraham and his Orchestra with the Four Admirals (vocal) Parlophon P 9552-1 / 21759 and 9553-2 / 21760-2 (a 12 inch – 30 cm record) Berlin, 1930. “Victoria and her Hussar” was like “The Flower of Hawaii” another enormous succes for composer Paul Abraham (1891-1960). Many of the wellknown songs from his operetta’s are recorded by a great varity of international performers. The record here is a long playing medley like “”The Flower of Hawaii” presented two weeks ago on this channel. It is very tragic that Paul Abraham and his lyricist Dr. Fritz Löhner Beda (1883 Wildenschwert – 1942 Auschwitz) were both victems of the German second World War regime .

Leah find old pictures ….Ok

Eben is eh Artist with Autisim, he’s now 49 year’s old and he live’s on the Island of Maui in Hawaii all on his own ! Leilani Films Lt. Inc. leahtunkara.com He is one of the only persons in the world like this, who lives on his own. It was not always like this,his sister Leah Tunkara the filmmaker, dares to tell a story that is painful yet a success story. We are hoping it will be helpful to other familys liven with Autisim. Eben is a artist who drawsTRUNKS almost everyday. The Art is very realisted ! He knows all makes and models. He can cook for himself, picks out his own food when shopping, likes going to the movies, watches alot of TV and never forgets anyones birthday. Like the movie “RAIN MAN” he’s very good with numbers. When Eben seen this film he laughed hysterially. Eben only baby brother is a actor, like Tom Cruse ? Well yes. he is just not as rich yet Karim Prince belongs to the Screen Actors Guild of America was in ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ a Prime Time TV show just to name one. Karim Prince took his mother Dianna Prince name, for his stage name Prince. This new documentary is a sequel to the first TV show about Eben called “OH YES I CAN.” running time 54 mins.