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Underwater Gopro vs Eyeofmine Aquarium Waterproof housing test Blue Jack Dempsey

Testing out my Gopro in my fish tank against an Eyeofmine standard flat lens waterproof housing. Im going to Kauai, Hawaii this summer and will be doing a lot of snorkeling and wanted to take my Gopro for capturing fish underwater while I snorkel. Eyeofmine housing is my choice and it tested out great with my 55g Fish tank of Electric Blue Jack Dempsey cichlids and other freshwater community fish. Gopro Hero 2 1080p Medium 127 degree view settings.

Snorkeling on the big island Hawaii blurry – Honu sea turtle flyby.

Honu, the Hawaiian word for sea turtle. This is a green sea turtle. Apparently the Go Pro housing, which is listed as being able to go to 180 feet underwater, is completely unusable underwater because the curved dome lens prevents it from focusing properly. They came out with a diving housing which has a flat lens which corrects this but I couldn’t find anyone who had one before my trip, so this is as good as it gets with the regular Go Pro HD / Go Pro HD2 housing. Read more here: www.scubadiverinfo.com And yes, he knows the pattern is full.