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Multi-Fandom Couples Collab – “Ships in the Night” – itsjackiebiitch’s wish! 22 vidders!

Here’s the third of the wishlist collabs I’ve hosted! 😉 Jackie is an EPIC vidder and a great friend on twitter & YouTube & tumblr and everywhere – and I had already granted a wish for her with my Jeremy/Anna vid lol but with ciaimpala’s song suggestion (she informed me that Jackie had been obsessed with this song lately), I ended up deciding it’d be fun to host this collab for her too. I added the coloring and watermarks and rendered it. It’s only 480p!! I’m so sorry but seriously my Sony Vegas kept crashing no matter what I did when I tried HD, even after I restarted my computer and everything… Anyway… on her wishlist: www.youtube.com 7; a group of amazing vidders making a collab for me with all my favorites (theme/song can be up to you) So… I did this for her. 😉 I hope my coloring’s not too extreme and looks good on all the parts and matches the song. I tried my best but I know not everyone will be happy with it. I also tried my best to make the watermarks not too distracting but still pretty legible. Please be honest though so I know what not to do next time I render one of these collabs where I add the coloring and watermarks for everyone. Song: Ships in the Night Artist: Mat Kearney The 22 people who participated in this collab & their fandoms that they vidded: Part 1: NightlyEvilTM – Nick/Melissa (The Secret Circle) www.youtube.com Part 2: GreysALIASAnatomy – Steve/Danno (Hawaii Five-0) www.youtube.com Part 3: ClassicallyCoolProdz – Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf