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Lord Of The Rings Auditions

Auditions for the ‘Lord of the Rings’ film. SUBSCRIBE TO VLOGS: www.youtube.com Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com and facebook: www.facebook.com CHECK OUT FOREST GUMP AUDITIONS www.youtube.com ___ ace ventura when nature calls hawaii alex farnham damitsgood funny pet detective bam margera ryan renolds batman darth vader justin bieber harry potter enrique iglesias leonardo dicaprio russel brand captain jack sparrow nicholas cage rebecca black ben afflict christopher walken reynolds

2 Jalex Manips: Paint by Committee and Wizards on Deck//Wizards of Waverly Place

Four Jalex supporters in these episodes: Jerry, Theresa, Harper AND Mosby! Another “should have been” episode in which Justin and Alex again get obviously flirty with each other. In Paint By Committee, Justin loves how Alex painted herself on the wall and Alex is always in awe of what Justin does and says to her. In SLOD, Justin tells his dad he’s going to stare at Alex and then have sex with her. Alex gets mad and tells her dad to get out, but when he leaves, she reveals Justin’s behind is the true distraction. They then snuggle on the couch and read and he tells her she is beautiful, which causes her to reminisce a little. Alex is then allowed to stay in Justin’s cabin. She says that if they just talk for a little bit, something Justin wants will happen. And he quickly realizes what that is, and he closes the door to give them the necessary privacy. But there at the door is Mosby. Wishes them well in their Rated-M escapades. And later they flirt on deck and this description is SO long. So hopefully like the other manips this speaks for itself. Anyway, if you don’t remember the episode, the unclear dialogue when Justin is talking to Alex while making pizza with Bailey is “got you” “yessss” And in the end, Justin takes Alex off the ship so he can bang her in Hawaii. Am I going to manip the movie even though it was serious Jalex? I probably will because even though it’s full of Jalex, there can always be more.

New Storiesss 2011

hey youtubers im so glad to be back on youtube havent been on in a while lol so ima be wirting two stories one of them is a nemi/jelena story the other one is a real life relationship there both pretty exciting one of them is real the other one is false here is a preview of the twoo stories the nemi/jelena one …………………………………………. nick,demi,selena and justin go to hawaii for the summer over there jelena try to get marry nemi want to get together and if things go well the four of them move to paris but if nothing goes right then demi and selena go back to texas justin back to canada and nick back to new jersey………………. wanna know more? vote for this story now the real life relationship ……………………………………………………………………. me and helen both liked the same guy she dated him first and it didnt out well, now im dating him and every thing is perfect , but how did i meet tomas ( the guy) and started going out with him well its a long story but if you wanna know more vote for this one 🙂 …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… and those are the storys well hope you pick 1 or both and ill get on real soon lol

~Teen Pregnancy A Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Love Story Ep21

~The Story~~ Demi: *still holding her hands on Selena’s eyes* Selena: Come on, when may i look. * excited* Justin:*opens the door and smiles* Now! Demi: * puts her hands away and smiles too* Selena: * sees a big ticket for a vacation on Hawaii* OMG!!!* runs to the huge ticket and picks it up; looks at the ticket* Seriously, where going to Hawaii for a month. * She, still cant believe it.* Justin: Yes..*hugs her tight* Demi: *realized that its a suprise* Oh wait, damn it.. i forgot to say ”Suprise” * she smiles* SUPRISE! ——— i’ts time for dinner, so watch this and about an hour its finished for real! (=

Justlena bodyguard episode 12

Hey, there will be a little change in the story. Justin, Selena, and Justins family are staying at there hause in Hawaii ( www.buildwish.com ) . Not in a hotel. Sorry for that. Later that night JustinsPOV The campfire was fun, I talked to my family, I haven’t seen them for a long time, we were eating, singing. What am I talking about, I had a great time cause Selena was always with me. We stayed there almost all night, and Selena was in my arms all the time. End POV SelenaPOV When we got back from the campfire I went straight to bed, I just wanted to sleep. But when I got to bed my eyes were always open. Great, I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about everything: home, friends, chocolate, shoes, Justin, food. Wait?!? I was thinking about Justin? Weird. I don’t like him, o maybe I do. I cant fall for his chocolate eyes, nice hair, killer smile, perfect personality. What am I saying? Maybe im sick, or just tired. I cant like him? Or can I? why am I arguing with myself? I have to stop. End POV Next day Justin: (walks into Selenas room) Selena: (sleeping) Justin: Selena, wake up. Selena: (wakes up) what are you doing here this early??? Justin: its 2 pm Selena: this early?? Where is everyone? Justin: they went hiking. Selena: and why we are here? Justin: I told them that you are sleeping and that I will stay home and be with you. Selena: okay look- Justin: I kinda forgot one thing? Selena: what? Justin: there are cameras in the hause, so you have to pretend 24/7. Selena: (joking

~My Popstar A Justin Bieber Love Story Episode 19: Awkward

Enjoy 😀 New Characters Michael-16 Jake-17 Nikki-17 Previously, Justin arrived in the Bahamas and Stacy told off Michelle on the phone. Michelle: Stacy is a terrible human being and Justin has to kiss her……KISS HER! Natasha: You dont know that she couldve just said that to get to your head Michelle: Well, it worked! Natasha: Do you want to go out and do something fun? Michelle: NO!!! I want Justin *gets tears in eyes* Natasha: *hugs Michelle* I know, I know but sitting here wont make you feel better. Why dont I call Austin and Sammy, to see if they want to hang out Michelle: Thats fine i guess (with Justin) Director: Ok Justin, Stacy here is the theme, you, Justin are a young boy who has always has always been in love with your best friend who is Stacy but she doesnt know that, so throughout the video you are going to do little things to try to show her you love her, but she wont realize it until at the end when you give her a big long passionate kiss. Got it? Stacy: Yeah, of course! I think its a fantastic theme Justin: Yeah..its kewl Director: Alright so we work from end to beggining to help the chemistry in the video so we need to record the kiss first so i hope you brushed your teeth this morning. Ok off to hair and makeup Justin: oh God Back to Michelle *Michelle goes to natasha’s house and sees Sammy, Austin and some other people there* Michelle: Hey thanks for letting me hang out over here I think my mom is working from home and I dont need her and shelby