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This Is Jason Park.

Jason is a Hawaiian skater who’s been killin it for years, unfortunately he never really get the recognition he deserves. Well, it’s time for change! If you wanna support him, please share this video! For more videos from Jason, check his channel: www.youtube.com Filmed by Jordan Kim. Edited by Sassy Dieng. Special thanks to greendragon448 for helping us promotising the video, check his channel: www.youtube.com

HMH 463 Pegasus Pickup Secretary of Navy Mid 1980s By Sgt Larson-McChesney

HMH 463 / Marine Corps Air Base, Kaneohe Hawaii / Pegasus picks up the Secretary of the Navy in Huey’s. First of 4 clips to be posted. Known Marines in clip, (taking video- Sgt Paula Larson – McChesney), Capt Dorko one of Huey Pilots. If anyone can add name to those in this clip please leave a comment below.

Waimea Valley Hike with Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club

8.5 mile hike at Waimea Valley on the island of Oahu, Hawaii on May 13, 2012