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‘Firework’ with Island Ukulele by Madison-Paradise Found Orig, by Katie Perry 6-6-12

13 Yr Old MADISON-Kauai Hawaii 1st Orig. -‘SHY GIRL’. “Like” her ‘FACEBOOK @ www.facebook.com ITUNES: smarturl.it WEB: www.MadisonParadiseFound.com – .New Orig Release ‘THOSE BOYS’ (A Shout Out to 1D) CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS- ALBUM COMING SOON!!

Transparency within Relationships

The incredible value of a new level of transparency within all relationships. Brad is a skilled teacher, counselor and guide with direct experience of the following subjects: Spiritual Self-Empowerment Ascension / Awakening / Higher Consciousness / Enlightenment Transcending Negative Ego Patterns / Shadow Self / Pain Body Healing via Consciousness Energy State-of-Being Mastery Accountability Partner Brad offers phone sessions, guidance, and support for those who seek it or for those who are going through the spiritual awakening/ascension process that is happening on the planet at this time. Brad is currently in Hawaii, local phone number 808-384-7792. Brad is also currently offering remote energy healing. During these sessions, Brad channels a significant amount of universal healing energy, often called Chi or coherence energy, which has the ability to scan, locate, address and transmute the discordant energy patterns that are often the underlying cause of both mental and physical issues. The approach is very similar to the Ho’oponopono method used by enlightened Hawaiian shamen Dr. Hew Len. Since this energy comes directly from Source, which is non-local, this service can be provided for individuals anywhere in the world. Payment is currently by donation through Paypal or credit card, but will become an hourly rate in the near future. Connect with us on Facebook! www.facebook.com