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Kauai, Hawaii HD tour – “Shards from Heaven” by helicopter, raft, and kayak

Explore beautiful Kauai, Hawaii in HD by helicopter, ocean raft, and kayak. NEW! See my video on Kyoto, JAPAN in HD! www.youtube.com Filmed on the island of Kauai over 9 days. This video gives a brief tour of the island and its adventures and sights. I’d imagine it’d be interesting for people who want a quick overview of what Kauai is like. Photographs here www.flickrwire.com Scenes include the Napali Coast, the Kalalau trail, Hanakapi’ai Falls, the Waiahuakua sea cave, the open ceiling cave, Ho’olulu Sea Cave, the Wailua River, the Secret Waterfall, and Mount Waialeale crater (the wettest place on earth). For the shots, we went kayaking, boating on the Napali Coast for sea caves, and took a helicopter ride into the Waialaelae crater. It’s estimated as much as 75% of Kauai is inaccessible due to forests. Thanks to Napali Riders for the boat, Mauna Loa helicopters, and Wailua Kayak and Canoe. Filmed by Patrick Shyu, starring Henrick Shyu. Music by Garnet Crow. Recorded on a Canon S95, stabilized with Mercalli v2, edited in Premiere.

Wheres mama? Take ll

Devon and I had a close encounter with a mother Humpback Whale and her baby. Distance is difficult to judge on video on the water, and you cannot tell just how close these were to us. Devon said he could have reached out and touched the baby! The mom gave me the impression of a freight train coming through! This is one of the most incredible experiences I have had in my whole time here in Hawaii. I personally have had up close and personal experiences with Humpbacks four times! This was simply exhilarating! I now live on Oahu and treasure my memories and experiences on Maui.

Camping Trip Gone Right! – Hawaiian Adventure

Camping On The Beach – Day 1 Vlog – Swimming with Sea Turtles, Dolphins, NEMO, Puffer fish & MORE! **Please Subscribe** Stay Tuned for DAY 2

Kayak Excursion in Kauai

Day 02 of our Honeymoon trip in Kauai, Hawaii we got all hiking geared up for an all day kayaking excursion down Wailua river! It was a nice and hot day kayaking in the sun to prepare for a beautiful 120 ft water fall cool down. Our Trip From Florida to Hawaii!: youtu.be Our First Drive through Kauai: youtu.be Visit Rainbow Kayak Tours: www.rainbowkayak.com Music: Kevin MacLeod (Royalty Free) B-Roll (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 creativecommons.org

Man fishes with dolphins

Kayak fishing with dolphins or “nai`a”. A pod of dolphins round up a “kaku” or barracuda for the catch off my kayak. Much mahalo to my braddah Ike, great friend, waterman, and Kaiwi channel partner, founder of Hawaii’s Aquahunters. Check out their website at Aquahunters.com for all the info and tips and great photos and video. Soon to be released is their AHTV, Aquahunters TV. Can’t wait! And thanks to my Aunty P who cleaned it and dished up a super meal! Mahalo braddah nai`a! Mahalo e ke Akua no keia la!