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What’s Missing from the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Trailer!

Music! The song is “Dead Kennedys – Police Truck” from the THPS1 PSX and N64 Intro! Loved the shit out of this game back then! What will make me buy this game? It has to be a direct remake of it’s original, this game will also have some of the stages from THPS2! And what I want is; 1 – Chopper Drop, Hawaii, & Skate Heaven! Gnarly stages! 2 – Park Editor Mode 3 – Create-A-Skater Mode! Who doesn’t want that shit back?! and finally! 4 – Spidey bitch! Whew! Damn! Haven’t made a video in awhile! Been busy with my “team” on this shit; Go HERE; www.youtube.com If you want to join us, just leave a comment… Click Here www.youtube.com to see why you should stop supporting The Porn Industry, and why it’s bad for YOU! (Call Me a Faggot and I laugh at your little Pedophile-ass!)

2012 Hi – Tech Maui Pohai Na Keiki Nalu Event & Fundraiser

Gathering Of The Surf Kids Surf Contest For Under 12 Boys / Girls & Fundraiser for Cancer Patient Olivia Bianco. Presented By Hi – Tech Maui www.facebook.com Sponsors: Kazume Surfboards Hawaii www.facebook.com & Honolua Surf Co. www.facebook.com www.facebook.com