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Kristen Merie Clarke

This is a video of the Paddle Out that was held in Hawaii in her honor. For those of you, like me, who had never heard of a Paddle Out, it’s a ceremony in which the ashes of the loved one are taken out to sea on a boat, while the friends and loved ones paddle out to the boat on any vessel they can get their hands on. Larry and I, along with Aloha, Russ (Aloha’s son), Randall and Vickie went out on Russ’ boat and Dave and paddled out on surf boards. Quite a feat. I admire their tenacity. Larry then released Kris’ ashes in an urn made from tea leaves and flowers. Every one then scattered flowers on the water. Aloha and her family had made leis for us and gathered what seemed like hundreds of pedals from various flowers. Dave even had a lei that we paddled out with for Kris. The paddlers could have hitched a ride back to shore but chose to stick it out and paddle back. This is what Kris had indicated she wanted. Half of her ashes in Hawaii and half in California. She’s got it. We all cried a great deal and still do. We prey for strength and guidance in this most difficult time.