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yhin – hawaii para dime

yhin - hawaii para dime
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You wouldn't understand the reality bending involved in manifesting this song. Who the frack stenciled 504 at least 3 times in Newtown? Obviously time travel is involved. You would be schizophrenic too if you walked in my shoes. A warning to you apron wearing archon loving fags. This song will haunt you and undress your daughter at the same time. I know about the blue/green ley waves. Blue and gree (more)

New Storiesss 2011

New Storiesss 2011
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hey youtubers im so glad to be back on youtube havent been on in a while lol so ima be wirting two stories one of them is a nemi/jelena story the other one is a real life relationship there both pretty exciting one of them is real the other one is false here is a preview of the twoo stories the nemi/jelena one ................................................. nick,demi,selena and justin go to hawai (more)

Ego Definition, David Hoffmeister, ACIM, Kalani, Hawaii, 2011

Ego Definition, David Hoffmeister, ACIM, Kalani, Hawaii, 2011
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The Ego is a belief system that is the denial of Love, a fear of real intimacy. Everyone on earth believes in it. The ego invented romantic love to take the place of Divine Love. Withdraw your belief in the ego's distractions and remember your spiritual nature, which is pure Love and Light.