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Canon 5D Mark 3 Low Light Exploration 12800 ISO – “Seattle” by Any Given Chance

I rented the Canon 5D Mark 3 to determine if upgrading (from the Mark 2) is a wise investment. I called upon a Director friend, Sam Campos, and said we need to film something at night to test the low light capabilities of the Mark 3. Sam invited a musician friend Zack Manzano, lead singer to the Hawaii based band Any Given Chance, and Reiko Pualani Campos to embark into filming a music video for our low light exploration. The result is the first cut to the music video “Seattle” by Any Given Chance. NOTE: In the beginning of the video where the talent is near the green and white motorcycle the scene was not lit and I used a 12800 ISO setting. To give you a look at what the scene looked like I took a photo with a iPhone 4S and uploaded it to the photo section here in the description. Also the last shot of the airplane flying in the end was also filmed at 12800 ISO and the detail you could see of the plane, plus you could even see diamond head in the distance. Sam and I both said that we could not see see diamond head with our own eyes at the time of the filming. MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTED BY: Sam Campos SHOT & CUT BY: Andrew Mostajo Magpoc FEATURING: Zack Manzano & Reiko Pualani Campos CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark 3 LENS: Zeiss 50mm 1.4 SETTINGS: CUSTOM Sharpness turned off. Contrast turn down a couple of clicks. Other settings default. GRADING: No Grading. Only a select few footage slightly graded for exposure to even out the look of the overall video. Other than that the footage is as

In Hawaii: Part 1 “Aloha”

Hey everyone, this is Part 1 of a two part series of some exploring/adventuring in a rural area of maui, and sort of a “welcome” to the start of the rest of my videos which are filmed while in Hawaii. In Part 2 we return to the location but when it’s a little dryer and talk about some things you need to think about when exploring alone.

Kyle Hanagami – How Low by Ludacris

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