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Tropical Holidays

People from all over the world dream of the perfect vacation and more often than not it is under the sun over a long beach. Tropical holidays can provide one with crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, a warm breeze, luscious vegetation and a variety of animal life. Every person could find a tailor made vacation in the tropics. Whether lazing out on the beach or seeking adventures in the wild, tropical holidays can prove ideal in comfortable climates year round. Spread out across the globe, the tropic belt gives innumerable holiday destinations. With Tropical holiday destinations on every continent, one could get spoilt for choices. However favorites include Hawaii, the Caribbean Islands, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Maldives, etc. More info at: www.tropicalholidays.info

Waimea Valley Hike with Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club

8.5 mile hike at Waimea Valley on the island of Oahu, Hawaii on May 13, 2012