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Our Little Secret- A One Direction Love Story-Chapter 1

*BRYN’S POV* I woke up at 5:00 our flight was leaving at 6:30 and we had to leave at 6:00. I ran downstairs wearing a pink sweatshirt,Yoga pants and my converse. I grabbed my car keys and ran out the door. We were going to Hawaii and I needed to pick up my best friends Kyleigh and Mackinzie from their houses. *KYLEIGH’S POV* *RING* Hello? Bryn:Kyleigh get up I’m coming now!!! HURRY! I got dressed in My brother’s baseball sweatshirt,my sweat pants,and sandals I kissed my parents goodbye and ran out to Bryn’s car. Me: Hey Love! Bryn: Hey!! Are you ready! We have to get Mack first tho. Me: Yes I’m SO ready and OK leggo! *MACKINZIE’S POV* I woke up at 4:30 and already kissed my parents goodbye when I heard Bryn honk. I went to the door and went to Bryn’s car.This was going to be fun 3 weeks! *BRYN’S POV* We were on our way to the airport my parents left an hour earlier so I could sleep. We were BLASTING One Direction and singing along to every song!! When we got to the Airport and grabbed our bags. When we finally were seated I put in my earphones replaying every Liam Payne part BTW he’s my favorite! When the plane took off Mackinzie went to the bathroom and came back SCREAMING!! *SCREAM* Mack: OMG!! OMG!! OMG! OMFG! Me and Kyleigh: WHAT?!?!?! Mack: One Direction is in first class!!! Me: NO!! YOUR KIDDING! Mack: GO LOOK! We got up and walked to the bathroom and right when I turned around there was Liam…he was even more handsome in person! Liam: Sorry babe.. Me: No totally

The Lord’s Prayer Our Father Who art in Heaven Evangelical Catholic prayer song classic rock n roll

Johnny Rock Piano johnroco.blogspot.com Music Copyright 2012 John Roco. DOWNLOAD OF THIS VIDEO IS ALLOWED FOR NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSES; DOWNLOAD IS ALSO ALLOWED FOR INTRODUCING THIS VERSION OF OUR FATHER TO AUDIENCES FOR AM OR FM BROADCAST. Classic Rock and Roll The Lord’s Prayer Our Father who Art in Heaven prayer song with keyboard instrumental and heavy beat dance rhythm; the words: Our Father who Art in Heaven Hallowed be Thy Name Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us Our Father who Art in Heaven Hallowed be Thy Name Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil For the Kingdom the Power and the Glory are yours now and forever, now and forever, now and forever, now and forever. Haleakala on the Big Island of Hawaii by Mike McCabe. Earth by NASA with Ron Garan photography and Michael Kanig editing. Heraldic Royal Crown by Heralder.

Nature Discover 3 : Hawaii Beaches Oumalek Mohamed Records

Oumalek Mohamed Production. HD Nature Discover 3 The Best Of Nature. www.facebook.com