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Joshua Hosts Grandma’s B-day Party – 2010

Joshua hosts Grandma’s Birthday Party on the Sunday before her birthday on September 21st. Joshua and his cousins enjoyed helping Grandma “scratch off” lotto tickets. Grandma let her grandchildren keep any winning ticket they scratched that was under $100. Anything over $100, Grandma was going to use in Las Vegas. Among the other gifts (other than the lotto tickets) that Grandma received were a Mr. Coffee, Las Vegas Money, a Self Contained Tomato Grower and special jewelry that April brought back from Hawaii just for Grandma. Joshua thanks his cousins Joanne, Scott, Walter and April for a fun night with Grandma.

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Islands of Paradise Kid Hawaii Lafferty

Hollywood Kid Hawaii takes you on a smooth ride to the islands to see the bathing beauties along the beaches of the Pacific Ocean! Sounding like the late Don Ho singing on Waikiki at his beach bar you can feel the trade winds blowing in your face from the deep blue sea. Enjoy the views and enjoy this lovely Hawaiian love song! Happy Summer! Hear more songs on YouTube channel GilHCLafferty. Listen to his music! ‘Islands of Paradise’ is an original song by Gil Lafferty. Lyrics,singing, music, guitars, ukulele composed by Kid Hawaii. This original song is copyrighted with all intellectual property rights to Gil Lafferty. To use any of his songs/poetry/stories please contact [email protected] – Enjoy and Aloha!