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Happy New Year 2011 – Relaxing Music – At Peace With Myself by J.Michele Bodine Hawaii- HD

Happy New Year 2011 Relax and feel the connection of Beautiful Music and Calming Nature Song : At Peace with Myself Album : Heaven Touching Earth Artist : J. Michele Bodine Website : www.starlightharmonymusic.com Join me on Facebook : www.facebook.com See all of my videos – Playlist www.youtube.com Beautiful and inspiring ambient music can help create inner peace. It can support personal growth, healing and alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, fears and insomnia. Since 1980, I have been channeling keyboard music. Through the years I have tuned into individuals, groups of people, those in transition, events, lyrics, video productions, and have brought through melodies that have had powerful effects. My music has inspired artists and writers, increasing their creativity. Psychotherapists, Reiki and massage therapists find that is takes their work to deeper levels. I have discovered that autistic children are able to interact with these melodies. The passages of this new age music supports deep relaxation, and if used during meditation, it can take one on a spiritual journey. Hospitals and clinics are using my music to comfort patients undergoing medical procedures. Words are inadequate to describe the experiences my music offers. You must listen to it, allowing the notes to enfold you in their embrace. As background music, the effects are subtle. Intentional listening to this music with no outside interruptions, creates the most desirable effects. By incorporating beautiful

Nature Discover 3 : Hawaii Beaches Oumalek Mohamed Records

Oumalek Mohamed Production. HD Nature Discover 3 The Best Of Nature. www.facebook.com

GLOBAL Fallout Forecast: Land Water Sky Air All Life :: Nuclear is out of control!!

sowingthewinds 03.04.2012 Experimental editing:…. we will tune, harmonize, balance, melody For now we listen and play this song Music is strident and piercing, disturbing, out of harmony dissonant sounds.. Earth is screaming. Hear! Nuclear is out of control! Roar A Hum..Ocean breath Awareness for Us All oNe. Protect our planet, all Life is Sacred. By nature law abiding God LOve Light guided Peace and LOve Home Earth Blessings Namaste Aloha Thank You. « Japan gov’t study shows radiation plume going to Hawaii — Fukushima-contaminated water to hit in under 2 years — Ocean may be 50% of EPA’s maximum contaminant level for drinking water Reports of radioactive black cyanobacteria spreading to Tokyo area Japan on ‘high alert’ for typhoon-class storm — Fukushima Daiichi in path Tuesday night Mirion Technologies www.mirion.com Innovative Solutions in Radiation Protection By ENENews Title: [Weather Alert] Japan may experience typhoon-class spring storm Source: YokosoNews Date: April 3, 2012 11am, April 3, 2012 […] JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) said the heaviest time of Tokyo area maybe around the busiest commute hour around 6pm-9pm. The disruption of Tokyo’s transportation system is expected. Many people may be stuck for a few hours. […] Then, the storm will move to Tohoku (North Japan) [Home to Fukushima Daiichi] area. The storm would continue to bring heavy wind and storm through tomorrow morning in North Japan. […] Original published at 7:27pm, April 2, 2012

Transparency within Relationships

The incredible value of a new level of transparency within all relationships. Brad is a skilled teacher, counselor and guide with direct experience of the following subjects: Spiritual Self-Empowerment Ascension / Awakening / Higher Consciousness / Enlightenment Transcending Negative Ego Patterns / Shadow Self / Pain Body Healing via Consciousness Energy State-of-Being Mastery Accountability Partner Brad offers phone sessions, guidance, and support for those who seek it or for those who are going through the spiritual awakening/ascension process that is happening on the planet at this time. Brad is currently in Hawaii, local phone number 808-384-7792. Brad is also currently offering remote energy healing. During these sessions, Brad channels a significant amount of universal healing energy, often called Chi or coherence energy, which has the ability to scan, locate, address and transmute the discordant energy patterns that are often the underlying cause of both mental and physical issues. The approach is very similar to the Ho’oponopono method used by enlightened Hawaiian shamen Dr. Hew Len. Since this energy comes directly from Source, which is non-local, this service can be provided for individuals anywhere in the world. Payment is currently by donation through Paypal or credit card, but will become an hourly rate in the near future. Connect with us on Facebook! www.facebook.com