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Happy New Year 2011 – Relaxing Music – At Peace With Myself by J.Michele Bodine Hawaii- HD

Happy New Year 2011 Relax and feel the connection of Beautiful Music and Calming Nature Song : At Peace with Myself Album : Heaven Touching Earth Artist : J. Michele Bodine Website : www.starlightharmonymusic.com Join me on Facebook : www.facebook.com See all of my videos – Playlist www.youtube.com Beautiful and inspiring ambient music can help create inner peace. It can support personal growth, healing and alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, fears and insomnia. Since 1980, I have been channeling keyboard music. Through the years I have tuned into individuals, groups of people, those in transition, events, lyrics, video productions, and have brought through melodies that have had powerful effects. My music has inspired artists and writers, increasing their creativity. Psychotherapists, Reiki and massage therapists find that is takes their work to deeper levels. I have discovered that autistic children are able to interact with these melodies. The passages of this new age music supports deep relaxation, and if used during meditation, it can take one on a spiritual journey. Hospitals and clinics are using my music to comfort patients undergoing medical procedures. Words are inadequate to describe the experiences my music offers. You must listen to it, allowing the notes to enfold you in their embrace. As background music, the effects are subtle. Intentional listening to this music with no outside interruptions, creates the most desirable effects. By incorporating beautiful

The Lord’s Prayer Our Father Who art in Heaven Evangelical Catholic prayer song classic rock n roll

Johnny Rock Piano johnroco.blogspot.com Music Copyright 2012 John Roco. DOWNLOAD OF THIS VIDEO IS ALLOWED FOR NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSES; DOWNLOAD IS ALSO ALLOWED FOR INTRODUCING THIS VERSION OF OUR FATHER TO AUDIENCES FOR AM OR FM BROADCAST. Classic Rock and Roll The Lord’s Prayer Our Father who Art in Heaven prayer song with keyboard instrumental and heavy beat dance rhythm; the words: Our Father who Art in Heaven Hallowed be Thy Name Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us Our Father who Art in Heaven Hallowed be Thy Name Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil For the Kingdom the Power and the Glory are yours now and forever, now and forever, now and forever, now and forever. Haleakala on the Big Island of Hawaii by Mike McCabe. Earth by NASA with Ron Garan photography and Michael Kanig editing. Heraldic Royal Crown by Heralder.

Marvin Gaye on piano in Belgium – Come Get To This, Distant Lover

Born in 1939 in DC to a father from Kentucky and a mother from North Carolina, Marvin Gaye blazed the trail for the continued evolution of popular black music. But by the winter of 1981, Marvin Gaye was in a personal and professional doldrums. Weakened by a debilitating drug problem, an increasing debt to the IRS, two failed marriages and losing his homes, cars and recording studio, Marvin had moved away from the continental United States by 1979 first settling in a bread van in Hawaii. In 1980, he settled in London and fortook on a European tour with British promoter Jeffrey Kruger. Settling in Oostende, Belgium thanks to an offer by boxing promoter Freddy Couseart, the singer began sobering up from years of drug abuse cutting usage of marijuana and cocaine while working out in an ancient gym and jogging daily at the beaches in Ostend. By the summer of 1981, the 42-year-old Gaye decided to launch a tour of Europe again around areas of London – where he was received more favorably than the previous year’s embarrassing no-show for Princess Margaret – and areas of Belgium. Afterwards, Marvin was inspired to get back in the studio to record his final album in Belgium “Come Get to This” is a 1973 hit for American soul singer Marvin Gaye, released on the Tamla (Motown) label. The song, released a few months after his seminal anthem of seduction, “Let’s Get It On”, was built among a fast-paced doo-wop-like recording. This record was one of few recordings Gaye began recording

Wonder Original

Finished writing this in Hawaii sand performed it for the first time at HI FAP. Such an amazing show with amazing people. This is a song about that person we’re all gonna end up with. Lyrics I wonder when ill meet you and i wonder if you wonder back and i wonder if well be opposites cause baby opposites attract prechorus well at atleast thats what my momma told me she said ill find of love thats just like the stories chorus i wonder what you name is gonna be im wondering if you will be the girl version of me will you see the way i see will you think the way i think oi just cant wait till we meet i wonder when youll happen ive been waiting for something new and i wonder if your left handed and if music is your thing to and i wonder if ive already met you loved you then you asked me to forget you hook bridge will i be the one to say hi to you do you love family like i do when i meet you will i already know it because my heart has gotten used to bein broken broken.

cover of Spirit’s “Soldier” for solo piano

This is the final track from Spirit’s albun 12 Dreams of Dr Sardonicus. It was composed and sung by Randy California. He got his surname from Jimi Hendrix when he played with Hendrix in New York 1966 when he was 15 years old. It was to distinguish him from another Randy in Hendrix’s band, who Hendrix called Randy Texas. You can listen to the original here: www.youtube.com Randy California tragically died saving his son Quinn from a rip tide current at Molokai, Hawaii on 2 January 1997, he pushed him to the shore, but went under himself.

The National Parks – Stunning Photoshow and Piano Concert

The National Parks: Photoshow & Piano Meditations Photos of 18 American National Parks by nature photographer, Thomas Robinson Piano meditations of American folk & sacred songs by jazz pianist, David Robinson National Parks Photos: North Cascades Mount Rainier Olympic Crater Lake Redwood Yosemite Hawaii Volcanoes Grand Canyon Zion Bryce Capitol Reef Canyonlands Arches Black Canyon of the Gunnison Great Sand Dunes Rocky Mountain Grand Tetons Yellowstone Glacier