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B!tch Stole My Water!!!

My First Sketch :#) and for a side note bad acting was used because i thought it would be funnier 😀 Tags that other youtubers put here, and i dont know why they do it but im going to try it out lol: Sketch water funny charles trippy shaycarl Shane dawson refrigerator converse jeans house flip camera 720p douche hairdo black hair gray shirt hawaii freezer ice cubes purse dogs

BS Tips – Le Textbook :D

Hi dolls! I’m really feeling these back to school vids therefore, this is BS Tips (Back to School) video. This topic is on textbooks. 🙂 Yes… wait… do y’all even still use textbooks? LOL. Makeup, Eyes, Face, Lips, Cosmetics, Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Beauty, Looks, Beautiful, Roxanne, Filipina, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Philippines, School, Purse, Victoria Secret, Nurse, Nursing, Textbook, Back to school