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Ju$t Lee – Six Foot Seven

From Ju$t Lee’s New Mixtape “Hard Work Pays Off” … 1st official mixtape but a sophmore mixtape on record ….it started in Aghanistan and completed in Hawaii but released in New Jersey!!! DOWNLOAD LINK: www.datpiff.com www.reverbnation.com/justlee www.datpiff.com/hardworkpaysoff www.datpiff.com/ggashcash www.soundclound.com/justlee_3 www.facebook.com/JustLeeNation www.datpiff.com/justleemusic

Untouchable||Chapter forty seven.

Previously: I get back from Hawaii – When I came into the car, which was a limo, so cool! I didn’t see anyone. I felt disappointed; I had hoped Justin was in here. I plopped on the car seat. Then a face appeared from the rearview mirror. Kenny. Candice: ‘hey!’ I said, with a smile burned on y face. Kenny: ‘Hey Cands,’ he replied, he was smiling too. Candice: ‘Where are we going?’ I asked, as we went the wrong way. Kenny: ‘You know I can’t lie to you Cands. Please don’t ask..’ He said. I nodded, it was funny how Kenny couldn’t lie to me, and I had the same. I couldn’t lie to Kenny, we had a good bond. I had to close my eyes, so I did. When we were on our way for 10 minutes I could open them. He had leaded my out of the car to a beach, apparently. I saw Justin standing there. I had to run all over the beach to get with him, but I did. My smile was huge, and so was his. I jumped into his arms, my legs wrapped around his waist. He hugged me back, a tight hug. He kissed my neck, because that was the only place he could reach. Justin: ‘I’ve missed you soooo much!’ He called out. I smiled really big. Candice: ‘Me too, Justin, me too,’ I said. He kissed me, and I kissed back. He plopped on the sand and took his guitar, he started jamming it a bit. I giggled. Justin: ‘So did you have fun?’ He asked. Candice: ‘Yeah it was really fun! There were those king-size beds and I could wear normal clothes in bed, also not in the sun. It was really relaxing and nice, did you have fun while I