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Spearfishing Hawaii

Havent been posting much movies lately. This is jus a collection of videos from my dives over the last month and a half. Nothing super exciting but a lot of fun shark photoage worth watching. The photos at the end are from our last dive but sadly my camera died before i got all the good photoage. Speargun: Hammerhead Evolution 110cm & Hammerhead Evolution 2 Camera:GoPro Hero HD w/ eyeofmine housing

Kirk Hammett Photo Shoot in Hawaii

For more info about this issue check out: www.guitaraficionado.com Kirk Hammett at his new home in Hawaii. Go behind-the-scenes of the Guitar Aficionado’s July / August 2011 cover shoot with Metallica lead guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Kirk Hammett. In this exclusive video, Kirk takes me on guided tours of his idyllic Hawaiian estate, and poses for pictures with his favorite axes in some of the most beautiful spots in the entire world!