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100% Raw Vegan, Unvaccinated Toddler Named Aya :)

Here’s a small clip featuring a 100% raw vegan (since birth), unvaccinated 2 year old girl named Aya who does not consume fluoride, wears organic clothing, has absolutely no deficiencies (blood work was done and everything is perfect), has never gotten a cold, and I could go on. Wow, everyone at the meet-up (where this was filmed) was amazed by this girl!!! Her two wonderful, intelligent, conscious parents are Chris and Danielle. Chris is the guy you see at the beginning. He has been 100% raw vegan for something like 8 years now and is in amazing shape- pretty built with fantastic muscle tone. Raw fitness all the way! 🙂 This footage was taken back in June 2011 at the first raw food/ vegetarian potluck meet-up Felipe and I held at High Park, Toronto, Canada. About 26 people showed up and the energy was just buzzing with high vibes!!! Most of us were meeting for the first time, but it felt like we had known each other for years! I love that feeling! And it was so cute near the end as everyone was leaving, Aya gave every single person 2 hugs each. 😀 I know that when Felipe and I start creating our retreats in Hawaii, we’ll attract the same amazing people and vibe! We will be making a video very soon sharing all the details about the first retreat we’ll be holding in Hawaii this June. For now, you can check out our blog post about it- www.translucentworks.com

A real mermaid caught on camera live 2011

A real mermaid caught on camera in Hawaii sea