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Haunted Hawaii Ghost Stories 2010

Coming this Oct, Haunted Hawaii Ghost Stories are returing. 7 nights only….and Presale available only for ghost stories NOT Haunted Plantation,,,,,2 tours a night….7pm and 815pm. Join us for a nightime walk through the plantation as Jeff Higa the Director of Hawaii’s Plantation Village shares stories about the haunted houses in the village and then ghost stories by Moira at the end of the tour. see you there! Presale is the best way to reserve your spot…last year we sold out!

~The Nerd And The School Baller~ A MB Love Story EP:3 Starring MB and YO!

::Paige’s POV:: I walked as fast as I can to the lunch room. I was walking too fast and I didn’t see where I was going. I had accedently ran into a boy and dropped my stuff. He turned around and helped me pick my stuff. I looked at him straight in the eye. Paige: Oh,, um i’m sorry ??: It’s okay my name is Jacob (Latimore) Paige: Nice to meet you my name is Paige. We stood up and he handed me my things. He gave me a little hug then he turned around and started walking with another boy. I started walking again and made it to the lunch room. I sat down at an empty table and pulled out my phone and started texting my best friend in Hawaii. I moved from out there 4 years ago and missed it since. Out of no where Prodigy and his crew came over to sit next to me and surrounded me. Prodigy: Hey, Beautiful.. Paige *giggles* Hi 🙂 Prodigy: What took you so long to get here? Paige: I had made a few stops along the way.. Prodigy: Oh.. okay at lunch we were laughing and joking around having fun then we went to our 4th period. The day went by pretty fast after that. I had walked towards my car. I was unlocking my car door when some one came up behind me and hugged me I turned and I scared it was Diggy but thank god it wasn’t it was Prodigy. Paige: Hi, Prod what are you doing. Prodigy: Nothing, I just thought I should say hi. Paige: Well, Hi then Prodigy: *giggles* Paige, Can I have your number. Paige: Sure.. *gives it to him* Prodigy: Thank you 🙂 Here’s mine Paige: Thank You and No