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Happy 2 months!

My boyfriend & I are in a long distance relationship. He lives in Hawaii. I live in California. For our two months he & my sister planned this thing out & he sent a package without me knowing. As you can see, I was super surprised when I opened it. I have a soft spot for thoughtful gifts so I cried 🙁 In the package was a stuffed puppy he named Jayna (Jay + Donna), a handwritten card with the three reasons why he loves me (check our Tumblrs to understand), a little Keroppi since he knows I love him, & a stuffed Badtz-Maru. This is the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me & I am so grateful to have a guy like him. Sorry for my butt showing at the end ;( Anyway, thank you so much babe. I love you! Mine: www.donnanoyk.tumblr.com His: www.xjayar.tumblr.com

Ellen’s Embassy Suites Surprise!

One of Ellen’s fans and her family won a surprise trip to LA with a stay at an Embassy Suites Hotel, but the fan had no idea Ellen was ready to drop in to give them a personalized tour of the hotel! Embassy Suites Hotels is giving away a Family Vacation Package for four to Hawaii worth $20000! Find out more about how you can win right here. Visit ellen.warnerbros.com