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meet JUSTIN BIEBER exposed

see the REAL JUSTIN BIEBER…behind the scenes He meets us before his Show in Hawaii for those of you who thought he was nice… might wanna watch this and see…. i dont think santa clause is coming to give him any presents this year

JJ Plays DigDug Day 24

I got a request to play DigDug. I don’t have a tripod. I decided since I wanted to play a quick round of DigDug so I record it for the viewer. I hope you enjoyed it. I can do better when it is set it for easy. I just wanted to make sure it worked. If anybody makes a request for a game (that I own) I will attempt to play it. I will go over all of my Atari games soon. I also have to still show all of you what I bought from Hawaii. That will probably be my next vlog. If you liked this please favorite, thumbs up, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed.