Hawaiian Airlines Reservations Deep Discounts

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Discount Hawaiian Airlines Reservations

You’ll save money on your Hawaiian Airlines flights. If you’re flying to Honolulu; Kahului, Maui; Lihue, Kauai; Kona or Hilo on the Big Island, or even Molokai and Lanai, HawaiianAirlines has you covered.

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Beautiful Hawaii Sunset

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7 Responses to "Hawaiian Airlines Reservations Deep Discounts"
  1. Natasha pele says:

    is there a group discount or group rate for my family and I to American Samoa? Pls let me know because we’re planning to fly the third week of sept for my grandmothers funeral…..

  2. Hawaii Guy says:

    Aloha Natasha,

    Some airlines will give group discounts to groups of 10 or more people. Or if it’s a larger group (30, 50 or more) you might want to look for a charter or a company that specializes in group travel that may have some blocks of seats set aside.

    Having said that, the “group discounts” the the airlines offer will often still be much higher than the wholesale rates that we offer here at MyHawaiiVacationPackage.com. As always, shop around and compare our prices and you’ll usually find that our prices beat the competitors.


  3. Karen Rodenkirk says:

    My family of four haven’t been able to go see our marine sonnlaw,daughter & our two grandkids for 3 years now because of this economy. Is there any possible ways to get a discounted trip?they are stationed in Kahlua hi.

  4. Hawaii Guy says:

    Aloha Karen,

    This economy has definitely been tough on everyone and I appreciate that some people have not been able to travel as much as they would like to.

    If you’ve checked our rates you’ve probably seen that they are some of the lowest you can find. Since they’re already discounted from the standard rates, it’s not possible to add a further discount on top of the first one.

    Generally speaking, the “shoulder seasons” (not peak travel periods) are where you’re going to find your best rates for flights and hotels. If you’re able to travel during those periods you should be able to save a significant amount of money.

    Best of luck to you and your family!


  5. Bill Blazo says:

    Are there any Hidden fes or Taxes, I realize the web page states Taxes and Fees attached, However: I need to make sure the price I am seeing is the final price, It is rather upsetting to find out after you give your credit card that there is a Booking fee, a Hotel resort fee , A City tax or that old recovery tax not to mention some other new fee that seems to surface as I am booking.

  6. Hawaii Guy says:

    Aloha Bill,
    Airline, car rental, and hotel taxes are generally included in all of the prices shown.

    Of course you should be sure to read the terms and conditions of your particular package before you complete your purchase to make sure you understand them all. There may be some special situations which apply to you such as “under 25 years of age drivers fee” for car rental companies, and again, you should be sure to read the terms and conditions of your package before you purchase to make sure you understand them all.

    We do not charge any additional “booking fees”.

    Most airlines these days have baggage fees for those flying coach which they will charge you directly. If you choose any add-ons, options, upgrades, etc. from the car rental companies, airlines, hotels, etc. those would of course be extra, and they will charge you directly for them.

    If the hotels have resort fees, it will tell you that if you click the “more hotel info” link.

    As you mentioned, new fees may pop up here and there, and this response to you is only a response to your general questions and not specific to any package you may book. I can’t stress enough the importance of reading the terms and conditions of the package before you book. It will lay all of the details out for the particular package you have chosen.

    Mahalo and Happy Travels!

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