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BZ Community Class – Suzette Sagisi – Groups

MEET SUZETTE When she was six, Suzette began dancing the way most young dancers do: by parents’ will. Her first dance memories are filled with tu-tus and jazz hands. It wasn’t until she was in high school that she realized that she, in fact, truly loved the classes, rehearsals, and performances. In her hometown of Santa Maria, CA, Suzette continued with ballet, jazz, modern, and hip hop throughout high school. In college Suzette danced on and later became the artistic director of UCLA’s hip hop team, Samahang Modern. After receiving her BA in philosophy, Suzette moved to New York to train and prides herself on dancing in an instructional video for Broadway Dance Center: Contemporary Dance with Brice Mousset. After numerous live performances on the east coast, Suzette has gone on to dance on the Pride of Hawaii, a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. Shortly thereafter she returned to Los Angeles and continued dancing, both solo (featured in commercials such as a Joe Pytka directed Acura commercial) and as a member of a hip hop dance crew (Dance and Spirit Club). In the fall of 2008, Suzette left for Massachusetts, where she joined Static Noyze Dance Company and is also presently finishing her masters degree in philosophy at Tufts University. Suzette was chosen to be an MTV Made hip hop coach for the Hip Hop Dance Battle, in which she led her student to winning the competition. Suzette has had the pleasure of working with artists such as Yo Yio and Fabolous as well as

Victor & JR having a little fun with Bob Marley

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FLAVAHZ Crew on FOX News Hawaii

Summer Waikiki, Tamara Kanani Rapp, Tiara Healani Rapp, and Cameron Bicondova make up half of dance crew 8 Flavahz. “There are four of us from Hawaii and four of us from LA And we teach each other choreography, and we work together via webcam,” said Summer Waikiki. They met during a dance convention last summer. “We just kind of clicked and bonded, and then our director Marcelo Pacleb decided, hey let’s make a crew, and we’re going to go to America’s Best Dance Crew,” said Tamara Kanani Rapp. One of ten finalists to make the show. And by far the youngest, from 10 to 17, which could be a little bit of a disadvantage, with each girl having to put in three hours of online schooling everyday. Still the youngsters will be shooting for the chance of a lifetime. “I’m sure I’m going to be nervous and scared cause all the other ones are older, and a lot of those crews have been together for a while,” said Tiara Healani Rapp. You might remember just a few years ago Hawaii’s own Hype 5-0 competed on the show, shooting for fortune and fame which is exactly what this crew has in mind. “I hope we win so we can give money to the studio, and one of the crew member’s Momma, who just was diagnosed with cancer,” said Cameron Bicondova. Your see for this dance crew there is something bigger to dance for. “We call her Momma Gibbs, she’s Angel’s mother, and she just got diagnosed with cancer. And so like okay we all have our Flavahz, and her Flavah is purple, so she represents cancer awareness