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Phi Nguyen of Jabbawockeez | WOD Hawaii 2011 | www.WorldofDance.com

World of Dance Tour Hawaii ending with a BANG from the Bangerz and Phi Nguyen of the Jabbawockeez freestyling a bit for the fans. Its always a pleasure to see the best of the best get down before their fans. Stay tuned for more from your favorite freestyle dancers and dance crews. Join the movement. Subscribe now. www.youtube.com/worldofdancetour For more videos like this go to: www.worldofdance.com

Littlest Pet Shop – TAOR Episode 3: New Friend, Long Friend The Adventures Of Randomness

Jelly just moved to a new school since he is back from Hawaii, Jacob and Steve have known him since they were little. They hanged out again but there is a slight problem, Hairy and Unchi (Two Stupid Bullies) have bothered them again. What will you think they will do for the plan? Music Made By Kevin Macleod, Royalty Free Music Mysteriouso March, Stealth Groover, Scheming Weasel Faster Sound Effects Door Shut, Call Of Duty

Bridesmaid Wedding Gift Ideas!

Here are the goodies I gave to each of my Bridesmaids. I hope you enjoy this video! Make-up/Nail polish: I will update this when I get home from Hawaii, because I can’t remember! Top: Target Necklace: HRH Collection Earrings: H&M Watch: Michael Kors Rings: Etsy www.etsy.com Bangles: David Smallcombe I had AWESOME experiences with these Etsy sellers and would recommend them in a heartbeat! Hangers www.etsy.com Knot Rings www.etsy.com Sigma Brushes! www.tinyurl.com Instagram! Michelebell21 My Etsy Shop! www.etsy.com Twitter www.twitter.com *I paid for everything in this video myself with the exception of the brush kits which were generously gifted by Sigma!

➤ Kumbaya + More Lyrics ♫

FREE SONG (MP3): Just RIGHT click on the link below to download this free song: ‪www.4you.dreamerstoday.com The style of guitar playing is called, “Drum Guitar.” …it is a style of playing that I developed, using a padded drum stick to strike the guitar, creating amazing colors of sound. …in this particular song, the guitar is tuned to regular tuning. …it you’d like to see tutorial video on how to play drum guitar, refer to the following link: www.youtube.com ______________________________________________ KUMBAYA with New Lyrics by jAckie messenger *Someone’s singing, singing a song for you *Someone’s singing, singing a song for you Hear me singing Lord, kumbaya Hear me singing Lord, kumbaya Hear me singing Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord, kumbaya *Oh Lord, I need you now my Lord *May I hear your voice, your every whisper *May I hear you Lord *Someone’s praying, praying a prayer for you *Someone’s praying, praying a prayer for you Hear me praying Lord, kumbaya Hear me praying Lord, kumbaya Hear me praying Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord, kumbaya *Additional Lyrics have a star in front of the line, and were written by Jackie Messenger @2010 All Rights Reserved ——————————————————————————— PS This video was filmed, recorded, and uploaded on 10-10-’10 October 10, 2010 at 10:10pm (Hawaii time) unfortunately it took a long time to upload, so it says it was uploaded on 10-11-10, but that’s okay, the moment was still

yhin – hawaii para dime

You wouldn’t understand the reality bending involved in manifesting this song. Who the frack stenciled 504 at least 3 times in Newtown? Obviously time travel is involved. You would be schizophrenic too if you walked in my shoes. A warning to you apron wearing archon loving fags. This song will haunt you and undress your daughter at the same time. I know about the blue/green ley waves. Blue and green must never be seen? You retarded fucks. I suppose Satan and Lucifer and 666 are bad too, huh? Geez, you underestimate me. I got some qabala riffs going on in this shit too. “G” stands for gay, right? hahaha you’re in trouble RAAAAA!!

2012 Golden Globes: The Descendants wins Best Drama ‎

“The Descendants,” a family drama set in Hawaii, won the Golden Globe on Sunday night for best drama. George Clooney, who stars in the film as a father coming to grips with his wife’s impending death, won for lead actor in a drama. But “The Artist” was the even bigger winner. The black-and-white silent film about the transition to talkies picked up three Golden Globes for best film, musical or comedy, lead actor Jean Dujardin and score. The film’s four-legged co-star, Uggie, nearly upstaged the acceptance speech: The Jack Russell terrier pulled off several tricks on stage, including playing dead. One of the biggest surprises of the night? Meryl Streep got bleeped. She let loose with a few expletives at the 69th annual awards as she accepted the honor for lead actress in a drama for “The Iron Lady.” It appeared she was flustered because she left behind her reading glasses for her walk onstage, and she fretted that she was going to forget to point out the other actresses who put in outstanding performances over the last year. She earned laughs when she thanked “God” — as in Harvey Weinstein, the film’s producer. There were standing ovations all around for Martin Scorsese and Morgan Freeman — two giants of cinema who were honored. Scorsese won best director for his valentine to film, “Hugo,” while Freeman won the Cecil B. De Mille Award for his work in film. Legendary actor Sidney Poitier presented the honor to Freeman, which Freeman said was honor enough in and of itself

Best Talk show: Season 1 Promo

Hey guys!!! this video is the promotion episode for season 1 of the Best Talk show series. I hope that this series will be informative as well as funny and entertaining. I do not mind you guys requesting topics for me to talk about in one of the episodes this season. Here are the rules for when requesting topics Note: Please keep in mind that your topic should not include anything that has to do with the following limitations 1. Do not request anything that has to do with politics 2. Do not request anything that has to do with the Pacific Ocean (not including Hawaii) 3. DO NOT request ANYTHING that has to do with Porn!!! No music was used in this promo but there will be music in future installments. Any questions please contact EZIOASSASSIN29. Thank you!! 🙂

Best PRANKS of the Last 100 Years — BOAT #6

My SECRET Crush: www.vsauce.com ** LINKS FOR MORE INFO ** Bill Gates news.bbc.co.uk Balloon Boy: en.wikipedia.org Bigfoot: www.youtube.com Abyssinian Royals: en.wikipedia.org Spaghetti Growers: www.youtube.com SINA: en.wikipedia.org Iceberg: www.smh.com.au Marvin Gaye and Hawaii: www.neatorama.com Spy Magazine: www.cbc.ca Taco Liberty Bell: en.wikipedia.org Flying Penguins: www.youtube.com Bald Pat: www.youtube.com

Hawaii Business Magazine – Best Places to Work Event Recap

A recap of the 2012 event. Footage from Hawaii Business Magazine’s Best Places to Work Event which honored the Best Places to Work in Hawaii in 2012. This unforgettable event took place on March 30th, 2012 at the Sheraton Waikiki. Think your company is one of Hawaii’s Best Places to Work? Find out for sure and register today to participate in the survey 2013 here: bestplacestoworkinhi.com or contact [email protected] for more information. Hawaii Business Magazine’s Best Places to Work Program is Presented by University Health Alliance (UHA)