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Hawaii Kaka’ako Park Day 12

We found where we wanted to go. The voice part of the phone wasn’t any help but typing it in was helpful. My grandfather knew where to go anyways. If you liked this vid thumbs it up, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed. I was going to edit this using the trim on youtube but it only cuts the beginning and end of vids. I couldn’t cut the middle like I wanted to. I also didn’t want to try to do this on my cam and reupload it because that would take to long.

CREATING THEIR PARK at the Hawaii Island Humane Society

CREATING THEIR PARK documents Fort Funston, a popular off-leash dog park in the San Francisco Bay Area. This video was conceived and developed as a planning tool for the Hawaii Island Humane Society’s new Animal Community Center on the Big Island by dog owner/lover Diane Heiman. It was produced by SCHWEEN.TV, directed by Diane Heiman and Tom Schween, shot by Chris Tipton-King, and edited by Tom Schween.