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Capital Accumulation Group Inc Video | Financial Services in Honolulu

urbanhonolulu.hawaiinewsnow.com Welcome to Capital Accumulation Group, Inc. We know that the process of tracking your money and investments can be stressful. However, keeping neat finances is one of the best things you can do to ensure a safe financial future for you and your loved ones. Our agents are well-experienced in making this process as smooth, easy, and comfortable as possible, so you can get on enjoying the things you are protecting! Let us help you control your financial future; call us today! 12521514 Financial, Wealth, Investing, Planning, Capitol, Honolulu, Pearl City, Aiea, Manoa, Kaimuki, Makiki, McCully, Hawaii

Inside the stadium

This is what graduation is like in Hawaii. I made this video some time ago, thought it would be nice to show people how the University of Hawaii at Manoa celebrates graduation. *Notes: – I did a rush job to show my grandparents so I used Windows Movie Maker. My favorite non-linear editor right now is Open Shot; see my more advance videos on Vimeo. – Slumdog Millionaire came out near that time, so I used “Jai Ho” as the music piece. The whole “may you be victorious” atmosphere felt fitting in this video.

Waikiki Weed

WTH? I was walking down the sidewalk in Waikiki and couldn’t believe what I was looking at!…. OMG!……Well…on a more positive note…If you love to travel and sample the local brand? You may want to consider Waikiki. Looks like you can hook with some Maui Wowee pretty easy over here. Cheers! Filmed on the Island of Oahu, State of Hawaii. Created on March 3, 2012.