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My Summer Vacation… The Reason Why I haven’t been uploading vids

PS You guys there will be a couple more vids of my summer vacation so look out you guys are going to with me to Aruba, Havasu, Jamaica and HAWAII (: follow me on twitter: twitter.com unfortunately i can’t tell you where this location is because it’s in my state just in a different city. we were there to stay at the beach house 🙂 my mom didn’t let me record stuff in the beach house… idk why ftc- i bought everything

Hawaii Style Living 2

Surfing and spearfishing in Hawaii. Shooting uku, moana kali, tako and more. And just living the Hawaii style! Appearances by: Dane Pagud, Chase Roberts, Ty Miyashia

HD Mariah Carey – Close My Eyes Live at Tokyo Dome, 1998

Mariah Carey, Close My Eyes, the ”Butterfly World Tour” is a concert tour around the world held in 1998 by the American artist Mariah Carey. The tour was her first long trip compared to their previous tours, the ”Daydream World Tour” and the ”Music Box Tour”. Mariah claimed was the favorite, as the tour helped promote her favorite album, released in 1997. During this tour, Carey visited Hawaii, Taiwan and Australia for the first time, and Asia for the second time (as a concert performer). Some songs from the tour were selected and released in the DVD “Around the World”, 1999, although some versions of the songs were abbreviated.

BUTTERFLY, Hawaii, Mexico Fans, THE HYDE 12/28/2011

Waddap L’Arc~en~Ciel fans! Quick updates: New Album BUTTERFLY February 8th, 2012 New York Date Change Sunday. March 25th now. Mark your calendars!! Hawaii added! May 31st Special Live for LE-Ciel Members June 1st Mexico Fans making themselves known! THE HYDE hyde’s small autobiography January 29th, 2012 Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com

The Time Of My Life – A Jelena Love Story – Episode 9 part 1

SG: Selena Gomez; JB: Justin Bieber DL: Demi Lovato; JJ: Joe Jonas MC: Miley Cyrus; NJ: Nick Jonas Guest: CB: Caitlin beadles CB: *walks to Justin and kisses him* JB: *pulls away quickly* What the heck?! CB: I thought you liked that *try’s to kiss him again* JB: *backs away* No, I don’t!! CB: But, last week, you liked it JB: *mad* Yes, but last week, I didn’t have a girlfriend CB: WHAT!?!?! You have a GIRLFRIEND!!! JB: Yes, I do, so back off CB: Who? JB: *puts his arm around Selena* Selena *smiles* CB: *walks to Selena* You bitch. You’re gonna regret this *walks away* SG: Woah, am I scared *smiles* JB: You’re not? And you’re not mad at me? SG: No. I’m not scared because I have you to protect me and I’m not mad because you were honest and you weren’t afraid to say that I’m you girlfriend *smiles* JB: And you’re the only one I love *kisses Selena* SG: *kisses back* NJ: Guys, please stop or get a room JB: *pulls away* Jealous? MC: I hope not NJ: Of course not, I have you *kisses Miley* SG: And we’re the ones who have to get a room DL: *laughs* You know, we have to go on a holiday together SG: That’s an amazing idea *excited* Who’s in? JB: As long as I’m with my girl, I’m in *puts his arm around Selena* JJ&NJ: Same here *laughs* DL: So that means everyone is in. MC: Yes. But when en where are we going? SG: How about in the Christmas holidays and to *thinks* JB: How about Hawaii MC: YES!! HAWAII!!! DL: I always wanted to go there!!! SG: Me too!! JJ: Well, then it’s settled. In