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~My Popstar A Justin Bieber Love Story Episode 19: Awkward

Enjoy 😀 New Characters Michael-16 Jake-17 Nikki-17 Previously, Justin arrived in the Bahamas and Stacy told off Michelle on the phone. Michelle: Stacy is a terrible human being and Justin has to kiss her……KISS HER! Natasha: You dont know that she couldve just said that to get to your head Michelle: Well, it worked! Natasha: Do you want to go out and do something fun? Michelle: NO!!! I want Justin *gets tears in eyes* Natasha: *hugs Michelle* I know, I know but sitting here wont make you feel better. Why dont I call Austin and Sammy, to see if they want to hang out Michelle: Thats fine i guess (with Justin) Director: Ok Justin, Stacy here is the theme, you, Justin are a young boy who has always has always been in love with your best friend who is Stacy but she doesnt know that, so throughout the video you are going to do little things to try to show her you love her, but she wont realize it until at the end when you give her a big long passionate kiss. Got it? Stacy: Yeah, of course! I think its a fantastic theme Justin: Yeah..its kewl Director: Alright so we work from end to beggining to help the chemistry in the video so we need to record the kiss first so i hope you brushed your teeth this morning. Ok off to hair and makeup Justin: oh God Back to Michelle *Michelle goes to natasha’s house and sees Sammy, Austin and some other people there* Michelle: Hey thanks for letting me hang out over here I think my mom is working from home and I dont need her and shelby

A Nemi,Jemi,Kemi Love Story Ep31

Haha Still lolin bout “joe: I called nine juan juan twen twimes! Butt they didn’t understand mew”….. Anyways heres another ep! Joe: Huh i want cool whhip * Like Stewie on family guy* *With Demi and Taylor* Demi: Its so sandy here Taylor: Well it is a beach and there is sand duh Demi: You don’t have to be mean to me Taylor: Well obiously theres going to be sand at a beach. What do you think it is …. A WETLAND! Demi: Gosh you don’t have to be rude to me Taylor: Well it was a stupid comment in the first place Demi: THAT’S IT!* Slaps him and runs back to the hotel* Taylor: Well that didn’t go as well as i expected*Sees some girls and walks over to them* *With Demi* Demi’s POV: Taylor was such a jerk on the beach! I can’t belive he said that i was stupid for saying it was sandy at a beach. I’ll just try to forget want happened at the beach. *With Kevin and Miley* Kevin: So did you find anything? Miley: Yeah Kevin: Where is she? Miley: She’s in Hawaii Kevin: Well lets go Miley: Why do you even what to be with her? Kevin: Because i love her! Miley: What?!?! Kevin: I LOVE HER!!! She broke my heart and unless i can find someone better than her for me then shes going to be with me! Miley:*Thinks: He is so weird* Well whatever, lets go *they go to the airport* *At the airport* Kevin: You got the tickets? Miley: Yeah, Fight leaves at 11:15 Kevin: Well its . *looks at his watch* 10:24 rite now Miley: Lets go though security now and just chill till 11:15 Kevin: Sounds good *They

16&Pregnant 02×9 ||Last Episode||

2 years later. Justin & Demi are happily married. They have 2 kids. Skylar & Ryan. They moved to Georgia. Away from everyone and away from the drama. They live on a big ranch. Where the kids can play & run around without them having to worry. Justin gave singing a break to be with his family. They’re a happy family & are happier than ever. Without drama. Logan & Selena got married a couple months ago. Unfortunately Selena had a miscarriage but luckily they had another baby. A boy named Christopher. He’s a year & 5 months old. They’re still living in LA they’re happy. They have their problems but it’s normal for a marriage. Miley left Liam along time ago & she had left her daughter with her friends when she went on vacation to Hawaii but the plane she was on crashed & she died. When one of her friends found out she blamed Nicole that Nicole had killed Miley. Nicole got arrested for something she didn’t do. She’s getting out of jail in a couple months. Nick’s torn apart inside. He’s living in Nicole’s house. He’s not dating. He still loves Nicole even though he believes she killed Miley. He doesn’t really go anywhere. His friends visit him & try to cheer him up but he doesn’t listen to them. He tried committing suicide but he regretted it so he didn’t try it again. He still has hope that Nicole will get out. He hasn’t visited her in months. He’s only visited her 3 times before but only to insult her. Joe & Emily moved away a year ago. They got married & had their daughter

Enemies With Benefits Ep.15

Hey Guys Sorry Its Been So Long .. Got Another One After This And 2 For You Left Me 🙂 Demi’s POV: It’s been a month since i found out i was pregnant, Nick booked a week away to hawaii for me, Joe, Selena, Nick, Taylor And Zac, were leaving in 2 weeks and Joe keeps panicking because of the baby, i’m so glad we decided to keep the baby because Joe is so excited, he doesn’t complain when i moan at him to do something he just gets up and does it, me and Joe went to the hospital yesterday and found out i was 3 months pregnant, having a scan made everything feel that much more real, Selena and Nick are the only ones that know, We thought we would tell our parents just before we left so they had a week to cool down, i dont know why we have waited so long to tell them, i guess im just scared, after the scan yesterday Joe wanted to go out and buy the pram, cot and everything else, i told him to wait until we got back from hawaii because at the moment we both still live at home, i’m surprised Joe hasn’t cracked yet he cant keep a secret for less than an hour, maybe he’ll relax abit once his mum and dad know. there was a knock at the front door. ‘I’ll get it mum’ i called out and opened the front door. ‘Demi’ Selena grinned at me. ‘Why so excited’ i asked her. ‘Becuase were going hawaii in 2 weeks’ Selena said walking past me and into the house. ‘Come in why dont you’ i rolled my eyes. ‘Hey this is just as much my house as it is yours’ Selena said. ‘Yeah that is true’ i nodded

The Real You~

Look in the video!! It’s me!! hehe well alomost lol My hair is a reddish brunette now and im tanner. So i’m going to give you a little description of me 🙂 Im funny and random. I love to write. Im lazy and athletic im like fire and ice 🙂 Emo is just a label. It doesn’t defin who you are. But it’s my label. People think becuase you like black and there’s cuts on yor arm there’s something wrong with you. Well maybe there is. But not always for the reasons you assume. I’ve constantly tried to changewho I am to fit in. Like the pic above. But I like being me and im learning to deal with it. I live in Hawaii but I was born and raised in California. My mom and I don’t get along and I hate my dad. I hate to cry and show emotions because I feel it makes me weak. But im not all depressing I swear 😉 I love the color green and being random is my thing 🙂 I’m secretly a singing platypus. Writing is my passion and I love to sing….. to myself. I can’t dance to save my life And I hate my naturally blonde hair. Im Italian and spanish mostly. My favorite food is mac and cheese with shapes 😉 My favorite quote is “Life’s a bitch because if it were a slut it’d be to easy 🙂 I hate fake people they piss me off -.- I have brown eyes that sometimes look black but I want green eyes. I love sports. And would rather watch the super bowl with the guys then go clothes shopping with the girls. I love fashion. But I don’t dress in the latest trends. My name is Alannah but I prefer Lana. So that’s

Hurt and broken: A Jemi stepdad story *episode 32*

Hey guys, I have 1152 subbies 🙂 So I know that Kara was supposed to write this eppy but she asked me to do so (Joe’s pov) “But we just spent a couple of days here” Diana said “I know but I’m homesick” She rolled her eyes. “Please” I said “I agree to go home if….” “If what?” I asked “If you lick me” Ewwww. “Ok” I fake smiled ~The next day~ (Demi’s pov) I climbed in the cab. I’m going to the airport. I know I’m supposed to say I’m going “home” but I don’t have a home anymore. I lost everything. I can’t go to the house which saw me growing because there’s my mom and I ran away from her. I can’t go back to Hawaii because Sterling probably hates me. Plus I don’t want to make him suffer anymore. I can’t go to Selena’s because she thinks I’m crazy. I can’t go to Miley’s because she fucks Joe and it would be too ackward. This is not her fault though. I know her. She wouldn’t do that if she knew that Joe and I have history together. The worst of all this is I don’t have my babies anymore. I let out a few tears that I quickly wiped. I have a plan. I’m going to find a job and work hard. Then I’ll have my children again. (Joe’s pov) We’re finally back. The flight was really long. Home sweet home they say. Yeah right. The day was not over. “Diana, we need to talk” “About what?” “I want to divorce” “What the fuck?!” “I made a mistake when I married you” “You can’t leave me! I need you!” She screamed “No you don’t. What you need is sex and you can have it from the first guy in the

Bed Of Ashes [Joick] Chapter Six

I went Christmas shopping today… Another fun fact, I don’t like shopping unless I know what I am there for! Other than that it was 3 hours of a never ending head ache! haha. Also wrapped a bunch of stuff! Welp onto the story, comment my pretties! Chapter six Waiting. For any normal person the word isn’t welcomed. When you want something, you want it then. Nicks parents wanted him. They wanted to gather their son in their arms and let him know that everything would be alright. They had been sitting in the lobby since they got the call at midnight that their son was in custody. Officer Rawlings had just got back home from a family vacation in Hawaii when he got the call. He held the missing person’s flyer in his hand as he approached the Jonas’s. They stood up to meet him. Mr. Jonas: Our son? We’ve been here over an hour and they haven’t told us anything. Rawlings: I understand but I need to ask you a few question’s first? Mrs. Jonas: What kinds of question’s? Mr. Jonas: Our son was kidnapped! What kind of questions could you possibly ask? Rawlings: We weren’t even aware of the fact until the other officers had picked him up. Mrs. Jonas: then why was he picked up?! Rawlings: You’re son is being held on murder charges. The Jonas’s: What!? Mrs. Jonas: I want to see him! Where is he? Rawlings: You can’t. He’s being questioned. Mr. Jonas: With out us or a lawyer? Rawlings: He didn’t want one. He doesn’t want to see you yet either. Nick’s parents sat back down, they were

Someone Wake Me Up -A Semi Love Story- Episode 111

-Continued…- Selena: *Sees Demi run past, hands something to Joe who was there for Demi and runs after her* DEMI! Wait! Demi: *Hears her and runs even faster up a flight of stairs until she gets to the roof; goes to the ledge and looks down* Selena: *Out of breath* No! Don’t you dare, Demi! Demi: Like you care. Selena: I do and I always will! I’ve been trying to pluck up the nerve to call you for the last ten months but I was scared! *Tears up* I know I hurt you, but I never meant for this to happen. Demi: I never meant for us to happen either, yet that happened! I thought you were perfect for me since as we’d known each other for years and you knew every little detail about me, but it turns out to be the biggest mistake of my life! *Crying now too* Selena: We were a mistake to you? Well, too bad that I think us happening was the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you so much Demi! Nobody will ever love you as much as I do. Demi: I can’t hate you or think that you hurt me anymore… I’ve tried to hate you for months but I can’t! Every part of me is still yours and if this is how I have to get over you, then so be it! *Takes a step closer to the edge* Selena: *Panicking as she gets closer; thinking of ways to stop her* OHANA! Demi: *Stops dead in her tracks* You remember Ohana? (I can’t spell it but it’s Hawaiian) Selena: How could I forget? We pretty much begged our parents to let us go to Hawaii like a family and after months of constant begging we gotta go