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Reindeer – Ein Astronaut & The YouTube Musicians Christmas Collab Club

FREE MP3: www.sendspace.com Reindeer. A YouTube musician christmas collab VideoSong by 33 musicians from all over the world, directed and arranged by EIN ASTRONAUT. Very very special thanks to all of you: Again Polliwog from Sweden (Monotron noise) www.youtube.com Andrew Huang from Toronto, Canada (verses and choir voices) youtube.com youtube.com Arno Ceres from Paris, France (Kaossilator&Stylophone) www.youtube.com Bailey Sutton from Alberta, Canada (verses and chorus voices, xylophone, melodica, accordion, toy piano) www.youtube.com kartiv2 from Israel (bridge voice, xylophone, guitar) www.youtube.com Carlo Castellano from Naples, Italy (Percussion) www.youtube.com www.carlocastellano.cc Chad Dowdell from Georgia, USA (accoustic guitar 1st verse) http www.facebook.com Christian Farmer from North Carolina, USA (chorus piano) www.Twitter.com David LeDuc from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (Lyrics and melodies for the bridge, guitar, vocals) www.youtube.com www.davidleducmusic.com Dave Rollans from California, USA (verses and chorus drums) http Eric Hullquist from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA (Trumpet) www.youtube.com Faireset from France (song interruption) www.youtube.com Igor Bianconi from São Paulo, Brazil www.youtube.com Jackie Lopez from Arizona, USA (chorus vocals) www.youtube.com Joe Silke from Galway, Ireland www.youtube.com John Gray from Kansas City, USA (chorus choir vocals) www.youtube.com Julien Neel from France (verses and chorus vocals) www.youtube.com

Under The Christmas Tree Part 4

Merry Christmas Eve and santa was very nice to give us presents before Christmas, and i do mean jonas in hawaii, so far we have seen nick, joe, frankie and papa j. Part 4 Rated R I carried her into my room and closed the door with my foot. The kiss had continued from before. I laid her down on my bed and moved my lips down her neck as I let my lips move up and down her neck I then left small kisses along her neck. When I caught her sweet spot I started to suck and then I gently bit on the spot. Which made her moan and throw her head back onto the pillow. I took off my shirt and threw it on the floor, I felt her hands all over my bare back. I moved my hands under her shirt and lifted it up as my hands went higher up her back. I removed her shirt threw that along with mine on the floor. I brought her in for another kiss. As we were kissing I felt her hands unbuckle my belt and take off my jeans and I kicked them off and I felt the back of her foot rub against the back of my leg. My hands were fumbling with her button of her jeans and finally I pulled down her jeans and we were both only in underwear now. I kissed down her body and my lips stopped at her breasts and started to kiss around them. Demi: Fuck. I heard her say as soon as my tongue came in contact with her breasts and she continued to moan. Demi: Oh fuck Joe… Her nails digged deep into my back. Once I am done with her breasts, she flipped us over and kissed down my chest and soon was followed by her tongue. God

The Strokes – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year HD

I’ve made this with the help of a lot of fans. The songs in it are “Hawaii”,”Nikolai Broke the Zoom” & “I’ll Try Anything Once”. It’s a fan made message video to say thank you to the Strokes, and just wish a Merry Xmas and Happy new Year to them. www.thestrokesbrasil.com.br thestrokesargentina.tumblr.com twitter.com

Merry Christmas HONEST

Download it : freedomtransfer.com Wouldn’t it be great to send in several thousand cash for silver eagles at spot? No, No, No!!! Would You Ever See Your Silver? It’s unlikely!! be warned! Credits~ Organizer and Coder: Beibi / singingpanda08 Mixer: Beibi / singingpanda08 Animator and Graphic Editor: Moon / KurochiMisa Artist: Lesley / leisli15 Singers (in order of solos): Ann (Navy Admiral) as Kasumi / AnnDango05 Beibi (Brigader General) as Ranma / singingpanda08 Tonkhai (Special Forces) as Akane / ShikamaCHU Minnie (Dictator) as Shampoo / rosewisteria Aiko (National Researcher) as Nabiki / UFAHaterAi Moon (Vice-Dictator) as Nabiki / KurochiMisa Commentary~ Minnie: I waited until it was Christmas in the latest timezone of Hawaii to upload this video. Thank goodness Christmas is not over in Australia either. Thank you soo much to our dear fan, Leslie, for drawing us! Also, extra thanks to TK for thinking up the military titles for messages! ^^ Merry Christmas everyone~! Happy Holidays to you all from ZB~! Copyright~ No, no, we do not own this song! We only want to sprinkle this song with our love. Please don’t take away our love for this song!