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Multi-Fandom Couples Collab – “Ships in the Night” – itsjackiebiitch’s wish! 22 vidders!

Here’s the third of the wishlist collabs I’ve hosted! 😉 Jackie is an EPIC vidder and a great friend on twitter & YouTube & tumblr and everywhere – and I had already granted a wish for her with my Jeremy/Anna vid lol but with ciaimpala’s song suggestion (she informed me that Jackie had been obsessed with this song lately), I ended up deciding it’d be fun to host this collab for her too. I added the coloring and watermarks and rendered it. It’s only 480p!! I’m so sorry but seriously my Sony Vegas kept crashing no matter what I did when I tried HD, even after I restarted my computer and everything… Anyway… on her wishlist: www.youtube.com 7; a group of amazing vidders making a collab for me with all my favorites (theme/song can be up to you) So… I did this for her. 😉 I hope my coloring’s not too extreme and looks good on all the parts and matches the song. I tried my best but I know not everyone will be happy with it. I also tried my best to make the watermarks not too distracting but still pretty legible. Please be honest though so I know what not to do next time I render one of these collabs where I add the coloring and watermarks for everyone. Song: Ships in the Night Artist: Mat Kearney The 22 people who participated in this collab & their fandoms that they vidded: Part 1: NightlyEvilTM – Nick/Melissa (The Secret Circle) www.youtube.com Part 2: GreysALIASAnatomy – Steve/Danno (Hawaii Five-0) www.youtube.com Part 3: ClassicallyCoolProdz – Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf

I Love Britney Spears!

Hi you guys! Sorry I’m late! Well, technically in Hawaii I’m not late! But when I was almost done with the editing and about to save it… with my awesome luck, the editing program shut down. Lost everything from my last save and had to redo a lot of it. BUT WATCH TILL THE END and I do hope you guys enjoy! Please comment, rate, subscribe, and share. Until next week! Bye. Just to be safe, I DO NOT own the copyrights to any of the songs in this video. RIP Whitney Houston Love you Britney Spears!

Reindeer – Ein Astronaut & The YouTube Musicians Christmas Collab Club

FREE MP3: www.sendspace.com Reindeer. A YouTube musician christmas collab VideoSong by 33 musicians from all over the world, directed and arranged by EIN ASTRONAUT. Very very special thanks to all of you: Again Polliwog from Sweden (Monotron noise) www.youtube.com Andrew Huang from Toronto, Canada (verses and choir voices) youtube.com youtube.com Arno Ceres from Paris, France (Kaossilator&Stylophone) www.youtube.com Bailey Sutton from Alberta, Canada (verses and chorus voices, xylophone, melodica, accordion, toy piano) www.youtube.com kartiv2 from Israel (bridge voice, xylophone, guitar) www.youtube.com Carlo Castellano from Naples, Italy (Percussion) www.youtube.com www.carlocastellano.cc Chad Dowdell from Georgia, USA (accoustic guitar 1st verse) http www.facebook.com Christian Farmer from North Carolina, USA (chorus piano) www.Twitter.com David LeDuc from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (Lyrics and melodies for the bridge, guitar, vocals) www.youtube.com www.davidleducmusic.com Dave Rollans from California, USA (verses and chorus drums) http Eric Hullquist from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA (Trumpet) www.youtube.com Faireset from France (song interruption) www.youtube.com Igor Bianconi from São Paulo, Brazil www.youtube.com Jackie Lopez from Arizona, USA (chorus vocals) www.youtube.com Joe Silke from Galway, Ireland www.youtube.com John Gray from Kansas City, USA (chorus choir vocals) www.youtube.com Julien Neel from France (verses and chorus vocals) www.youtube.com

Love The Way You Lie – Prolouge

COLLAB PARTNER: Kylie(: NelenaForever2 GO SUB!!! www.youtube.com Taylor Lautner was a pretty boy popular jock traveling to Hawaii for his Summer vacation but when he mets Selena Gomez, a misunderstood outcast opposities attract. taylor tells Selena that he lives in Hawaii because she does not believe in Long distance relashionships. But when Summer comes to an end and these two persons must part does everything end? That’s what we thought before Selena transfers to taylors school in October. But will the sparks rekindle or will popularity take over? A Taylena Love Story featuring Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Joe Jonas. Watch Love The Way You Lie, a NelenaForever2 & brooklynelle22 production(: