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I Love Britney Spears!

Hi you guys! Sorry I’m late! Well, technically in Hawaii I’m not late! But when I was almost done with the editing and about to save it… with my awesome luck, the editing program shut down. Lost everything from my last save and had to redo a lot of it. BUT WATCH TILL THE END and I do hope you guys enjoy! Please comment, rate, subscribe, and share. Until next week! Bye. Just to be safe, I DO NOT own the copyrights to any of the songs in this video. RIP Whitney Houston Love you Britney Spears!

Chase in Slow Mo & Vacation Montage

Something i whipped up for fun!! made with honer of Hawaii and made with the fun of my friend underdog12971 (Chase) The music was music given to me for the making of these vids! This was a fun making video which i already insisted! The Hawaiian video was made from a larger clip of my video making it to 1:45 minutes!! SOOOO i cut it down to the exiting points!! 😀 enjoy! Comment, Rate, Subscribe!!

Wednesday! What’s on my mind? Stuff I like…..

Just of my random Wednesday videos! Funny video will be up SATURDAY! Sorry it got put up so late, I am in Hawaii this week and didn’t have access to WiFi until now! :o) Like? Check me out on one of these social networking gizmos: Facebook: www.Facebook.com/MaJESSticMe Twitter: www.Twitter.com/MaJESSticMe Say hello if you add me on one of these! I love hearing from people! 🙂 Things Mentioned Modcloth.com JoeyQuan.com KateSpade.com Minecraft!!!! Obviously not a sponsored video.