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I Love Britney Spears!

Hi you guys! Sorry I’m late! Well, technically in Hawaii I’m not late! But when I was almost done with the editing and about to save it… with my awesome luck, the editing program shut down. Lost everything from my last save and had to redo a lot of it. BUT WATCH TILL THE END and I do hope you guys enjoy! Please comment, rate, subscribe, and share. Until next week! Bye. Just to be safe, I DO NOT own the copyrights to any of the songs in this video. RIP Whitney Houston Love you Britney Spears!

First OOTD

OOTD = Outfit Of The Day In the video, I said that I mentioned to you guys my nails earlier. Well that’s in another video that I did (a hair & makeup tutorial) cause I was bored. Don’t know if I’ll be uploading that but enjoy this one =) Top: Forever 21 Faux Denim Top: Wal-Mart Shorts: Forever 21 Belt: Forever 21 Just a regular, plain, & casual outfit for shopping on a Sunday! PS: & Before you go asking me, “Isn’t it too cold to wear an outfit like that?” Well, I live in Hawaii, & around this time of year, it’s pretty hot.