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The Fugees – Ooh La La La

*More Info For Lyrics* Old School Hip-Hop. Chur [CLEF:] We used to be number 10 Now we’re permanent one, In the battle lost my finger, Mic became my arm Pistol nozzle hits your nasal, blood becomes lukewarm Tell the woman be easy Naah squeeze the Charmin Test Wyclef, see death flesh get scorned. Beat you so bad make you feel like you ain’t wanna be born And tell your friends stay the hell out of my lawn. Chicken George became Dead George stealin’ chickens from my farm. Damn, Another dead pigeon If your mafiosos then I’m bringin’ on Haitian Sicilians Nobody’s shootin’, my body’s made of hand grenade Girl bled to death while she was tongue-kissing a razor blade. That sounds sick maybe one eday I’ll write a horror Blackula comes to the ghetto, jacks an ACURA Stevie Wonder sees Crack Babies Be-Coming Enemies of their own families. What’s going on? Armageddon come you know we soon done Gun by my side just in case I gotta rump A boy on the side of Babylon, trying to front like he’s down with Mount Zion. [CHORUS (Lauryn):] Oooh La La La, It’s the way that we rock when we’re doing our thang Oooh La La La, It’s the natural LA that the Refugees Bring Oooh La La La La La La Lalala La Laaah, Sweeeeet Thing [LAURYN:] Yeah in saloons we drink Boone’s and battle goons till high noon, Bust rap toons on flat spoons, take no shorts like poon poon’s. See hoochies pop coochies, for Gucci’s and Lucci Find me in my Mitsubishi, eatin’ sushi, bumpin’ Fugees. Hey Hey Hey Try to take the crew and

I Love Britney Spears!

Hi you guys! Sorry I’m late! Well, technically in Hawaii I’m not late! But when I was almost done with the editing and about to save it… with my awesome luck, the editing program shut down. Lost everything from my last save and had to redo a lot of it. BUT WATCH TILL THE END and I do hope you guys enjoy! Please comment, rate, subscribe, and share. Until next week! Bye. Just to be safe, I DO NOT own the copyrights to any of the songs in this video. RIP Whitney Houston Love you Britney Spears!

Hinekaro – short film excerpt

Writer/Dir. Christine Parker / 15 mins / NZ / 1994 / A young woman known as The Apprentice discovers her own power once she contacts her spirit guide. Based on a short story by Booker prize-winning author Keri Hulme./ 1995 Melbourne International Film Festival, 1995 Canterbury Film Festival, 1995 Sitges International Film Festival, 1995 Mill Valley International Film Festival, 1995 The Hamptons Film Festival, 1995 Hawaii International Film Festival, 1996 In Competition Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival, 1996 Seattle International Film Festival, 1996 Arcipelago International Film Festival, 1996 LA Gay Film Festival / www.nzfilm.co.nz / Sales Agent: NZ Film Juliette Veber or visit: www.nzfilm.co.nz Genre Experimental/Gay/Lesbian/Gender Issues/Maori & Pacific Island Original Writer Keri Hulme Producer Caterina De Nave Production Company Oceania Parker Films

Equality Hawaii at Honolulu Pride Fest September 2011 by konadanni

a photo documentary tribute to the dedicated supporters of Equality Hawaii – photos taken by Dan Ashley, photographer “konadanni” at Hawaii State Pride Fest 2011 – Equality Hawaii is a diverse collection of individuals and organizations dedicated to securing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families in Hawaii