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Best Talk show: Season 1 Promo

Hey guys!!! this video is the promotion episode for season 1 of the Best Talk show series. I hope that this series will be informative as well as funny and entertaining. I do not mind you guys requesting topics for me to talk about in one of the episodes this season. Here are the rules for when requesting topics Note: Please keep in mind that your topic should not include anything that has to do with the following limitations 1. Do not request anything that has to do with politics 2. Do not request anything that has to do with the Pacific Ocean (not including Hawaii) 3. DO NOT request ANYTHING that has to do with Porn!!! No music was used in this promo but there will be music in future installments. Any questions please contact EZIOASSASSIN29. Thank you!! 🙂

Making Waves: Sea of Darkness Panel Discussion

Making Waves: A History of Modern Surfing and the Clash of Cultures Sea of Darkness Panel Discussion Sunday, June 3, 2012 Fowler Museum University of California, Los Angeles Rarely screened Sea of Darkness (directed by Michael Oblowitz and produced with Martin Daly and Rob Taylor) is a dark tale about a group of surfers who blazed a trail of adventure, self-discovery, mysticism and drug-running throughout Bali, Java and other, more remote parts of Indonesia, ultimately opening up this part of the Pacific to the global expansion of the surf industry. Convener: David Theo Goldberg, director of the University of California Humanities Research Institute. Panelists: JERICHO POPPLER, the 1970 United States Surfing Champion and founder of the Women’s International Surfing Association. PAUL HOLMES, former editor of Surfer Magazine and Tracks Magazine, and author of numerous notable books about surfers and surfing. JIM KEMPTON, executive director of the San Onofre Foundation, former editor and publisher of Surfer Magazine, and director of Quicksilver Crossing. GREG ESCALANTE, co-founder and curator of Juxtapoz Art & Culture magazine. TOM POHAKU STONE, a legendary native Hawaiian surfer and waterman credited with single handedly revitalizing the sport of he’e holua (Hawaiian sledding), a centuries old extreme sport. RORY RUSSELL, two-time winner of the Pipeline Masters and owner of the Rory Russell Surf School in Hawaii.

Volcano / Earthquake Watch May 23-28

Targeting CH450 and specifically 6-8 Degrees South Latitude for a possible 6.9 magnitude earthquake. locations that best fit the profile for this event are : Solomon Islands, Southern Regions of Indonesia or Congo/Tanzania Northern hemisphere watch could produce a 6.5 magnitude earthquake during this watch. Areas 36-40 Degrees North Latitude that could be in play for this possible event are : Italy, Greece, Hokkaido Japan or Northern California. Radiation/Ionospheric anomaly’s indicate 20 Degrees North Latitude could receive possible seismic events. These locations are : Hawaii, Taiwan, Puerto Rico or Guatemala Excellent information websites for solar watchers and researchers solarimg.org www.solen.info www.solarmonitor.org sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov helioviewer.org Intro music used is royalty free and created by Kevin MacLeod The spinning world globe at the start of the video is a free program called Earthquake3D The use of images and voice from this video may NOT be used by another party and this video will not mirrored under any circumstances as annotations will be added to the video during each and every watch.

Doctors Drop Medicare, Jobless claims Rise & New Korea War?

Video commentary on economic news such as the BP oil spill, medicare in Texas, jobless claims, layoffs and economic data. Plus, a New Jersey woman finds a sex offender working as a census worker standing at her door. Digg this video at digg.com My Blog demcad.blogspot.com Personal Channel http Jobless claims rise by largest amount in 3 months news.yahoo.com Oil Spill Won’t Hurt National Economy: Report abcnews.go.com April leading indicators dip www.marketwatch.com Oakland County news: City laying off 57 full-time workers www.freep.com Philadelphia Mayor threatens layoffs if no tax hikes whyy.org H&R Block announces layoffs, closings www.bizjournals.com NJ Mom Recognizes Census Worker as Sex Offender www.nbcphiladelphia.com S. Korea vows ‘firm’ action against North www.msnbc.msn.com Hawaii foreclosure filings soar 115% in April www.bizjournals.com Gov. Paterson threatens cutting 10K jobs www.nypost.com Texas doctors opting out of Medicare at alarming rate www.chron.com