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World Of Love A MB Love Story Ep19

~at the pool~ Anjel: I’m so glad that no one’s here Ray: Ikr now there’s no rude ass people in your way Cookie: I think Jesus trears Hawaii better than the USA Roc: Nah he gave them a active volcano-GCO Random Lady(RL): *gets in the pool* All: *looks at her like: creoleindc.typepad.com RL: Hello young children All: *still looking like the picture* RL: *confused so swims laps (wtf its a damn resort bitch) Prince: Yall wanna mess with her Lani: Haha yeaahh stupid cunt thinks she can ruin this hellllll no All: *laughs* My mama acting dumb af gotta get off -_- like really

Chase in Slow Mo & Vacation Montage

Something i whipped up for fun!! made with honer of Hawaii and made with the fun of my friend underdog12971 (Chase) The music was music given to me for the making of these vids! This was a fun making video which i already insisted! The Hawaiian video was made from a larger clip of my video making it to 1:45 minutes!! SOOOO i cut it down to the exiting points!! 😀 enjoy! Comment, Rate, Subscribe!!