A J&N Cinderella Story episode 1 part 1

Heres A Cinderella Story episode 1 A Big Change part 1 Enjoy! There were 2 families who have known each other for a very long time. Both of them were going to have a baby. The babies were both girls and their parents has named them Demetria Devonne Lovato and Selena Marie Gomez. Demetrias name was a mouthful to say so her parents decided that her name should be just plain Demi. Selenas parents call her Selena Marie most of the time but later they wanted to call her Sel, Lena, or just Selena. The girls just turned 3 today and their families decided that they should spend the day at Disneyland. They took one car and it was a Toyota Sienna. Demis and Selenas dads sat in the front, their moms sat in the back and they sat in the middle in their baby car seats. In 20 minutes, they arrive at Disneyland. They paid the parking fee and found parking. They rode in those trolleys to get to the park and when they got there, they paid for the admission. They took pictures and rode on some rides. They bought snacks and souvenirs. They bought ice cream and watched the parade and then at night they bought lights and watched the fireworks. Later that night it was time to go home. When they got home, they fell asleep happy. A few days later it was Selenas parents anniversary. Before they left, Selena said, I wuv you guys! have fun there Sels mom hugged Selena and so did sels dad. For their anniversary, they took a cruise to Hawaii. On the cruise, Sels mom wanted to sightsee. So she walked